Saturday, July 5, 2014

Super Powers

Which super powers have you always wished you had? Well today, you have them. Tell us all about it.

Oh my goodness I love this but it is so hard to pick just one!  I mean if I could read minds I would always know what my hubby is thinking.  Wait maybe that's not the best idea being inside of a mans head?  But I would know what people are really thinking...wait do I really want to know what they are thinking of me?  Ok - scratch that idea...unless I could only read them whenever I wanted.  That might be ok.

Wait no, no, no - I think I will go with apparition (wait is that even a super power) its kind of more magic than anything right.  Maybe teletransportation or something like that.  Mabye I am just making up my own things now?

I would want to be able to travel anywhere any time I want!  I don't say this just so I can pop into Figi or Austrailia for the fun of it.  I have some very dear friends and family that live in lots of places that if I could just pop in and have lunch with them and not have to miss any time from work, pay high prices for plane tickets or such but give my soul a good fix of friendship that would be awesome!!  I mean I could see it now...lunch on a patio in New Braunfels with my sister, a coffee date in Oregon with Becky, a stop at the race track in Las Cruces, and then for fun a stop in Figi just to swim in the water or something!

Now that sounds amazing!!

Well I am off to day dream of my super power!!

Happy Saturday!!


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Brianne said...

The ability to travel anywhere would be awesome!