Friday, February 28, 2014

High 5 On Friday!

Linking up with the lovely ladies from the High Five on Friday Link up!

1) Celebrating this little Cutie Patotie's birthday this weekend with friends and family.  I know we are late but timing, schedules and what not - better late than never.  She doesn't really know any how right?

2) This - Look at this - we are so, so close now!!

3) Shakeology - Yum!! I am loving it!

4) These two just make my heart melt  (I promise he is not choking her...this was hugging her)

5) Loving my new lights for over the bar!  

Happy Friday Friends!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Wow I can't believe it is hump day already and it is almost March!! Holy Smokes!! I heard something the other day..."the days are long but the weeks and months are short".  For me this really hits home with how fast the kids are growing!  I can't believe that Sissy is one.   We just had her check up and she is a thriving healthy little girl.  She weighed 20 pounds 8 ounces, was 28 inches long and has a big ol' head!  I can remember when I was a kid my parents would say how time flies and enjoy it while you can so on and so forth but I just wanted it to go faster.  Now looking back I wish I would have listened to their advice! It seemed like the older I got the faster time went.  Then I got pregnant with Kid Clammy and BOOM - time gone!  Though I had a pregnancy that I puked a lot - I still loved being pregnant.  When it came time to give birth I was in shock because it was a fast 10 months.  Then by the time he was 6 months old I was feeling like I should just be giving birth.  I know that sounds odd but it all went too fast.  Pretty soon he was one.   Then a while later we talked about it and decided it was time for baby numero dos and boom prego and BOOM barfing!!  When I was preggers with Sissy I was a lot sicker and at the end put on bed rest (but it all could’ve been worse) and it still went by so fast.  I can hardly believe she turned one and we are celebrating her birthday this weekend (better late than never).   There is really no point to me telling you all of this other than enjoy every minute you can because it goes by in the blink of any eye!!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap!

**I will admit right off the top I suffered from #picturefail all weekend and only took a few pics with my iPhone until we were driving home and I realized this so then I probably went overboard!!

We left Friday night after work and headed to Arizona.  For us the drive is typically 6 hours but I was unsure since we were traveling with kiddos.  We got lucky, the kids did great and we made it in just over 6 hours.

Saturday we visited with my cousin and his family.  They watched the kids for a few hours while we toured the private car collection.  From there we went back to our friend’s house where we hung out and relaxed.  Kid Clammy had a blast playing with their kids and the kids in the neighborhood. 

Saturday afternoon we loaded up the kids and flatbed trailer and drove about an hour and half north to pick up our counter tops then drove back to our friend’s house.  Another two hours in the car.  This made a great nap time for the kiddos.

Sunday morning we woke up had a little breakfast and loaded up and headed home – hence where the beginning of this post started.  I typically get carsick in the car from reading but I figured I would do what I could and when I started to get queasy I put it away. 

So overall it went like this:
Approx. 15 Hours Driving
4-5 Gas Stops
Visiting Friends and Family
Picking up Granite Counter Tops
1 Gallon of milk
Numerous Snacks (then spilled on the floor)
A few episodes on the Disney Junior App
Lots of cactus, trains and desert scenery
We made it to Arizona and back with both kids in tow. 

And now for the last minute pictures...
The outside of the private tour (no pics inside allowed)
The raffle car Hubby built outside where we  had the tour.  

Arizona Sky

Sand Dunes

How we got the granite home. 

We have bedroom & bathroom doors!


One of the few #fails - dropped Sissy's snacks all over the truck floor.  Oops! Sorry Sissy & Hubby!

Showered With Design

Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five on Friday

Hello Friends! Linking up with the lovely ladies for a little high five on Friday!

1) Heading to Arizona this weekend. This is a three fold trip really. Picking up our counter tops, a business op for the hubs and visit with some friends and family!

2) We got carpet installed and the bathroom is just about all finished. This my friends is progress.  Our closet stuff is in and ready to be loaded down with clothes!  Sissy approves!

3) Sissy loves cake and last weekend was a great weekend at the desert. 

4) These boots!! My sister found them on sale at Macy's for me and bought them!! I love them!!

5) Shakeology...I am loving it!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm The Kind of Girl

I’m the kind of girl who...

Loves with all my heart

Puts others in front of herself – aka tends to let people walk all over me

Loves to stay busy

Hates having to decide where to go for dinner

Very indecisive

Owns way to many flip flops and purses

Very rarely misses a meal – I love me some food!

Has a total sweet tooth

Has a hard time speaking up for myself

Loves a good romantic comedy

I love adventures and travel

My hubby says I worry too much (he is probably right but don’t tell him I said that)

I am a mean mom (at least when I am telling my kids they can’t have candy for breakfast)

I use text messages as a way to avoid conversations and confrontations

I play Candy Crush – gosh darn it I am hooked!

I have lots of dreams and desires and things I want to do – but probably never will

Who doesn't return calls unless you leave a voice mail or if I know you just don't leave messages

Also if I don't know your number there is a good chance I won't answer unless you leave a voice mail.  

I have a bachelor’s degree, a teaching credential, and a cosmetology license and I really don’t use either – so terrible right?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Canvas Print

So awhile back I was reading a post by Stormy from Life's A Dance and she was reviewing and giving away a free canvas print. I tried my darndest to win but to no avail. Then a few weeks later she tweeted a little diddy about possibly having another opportunity for one so I said "sign me up"!  And that she did. She put me in touch with the company and a code was sent my way. I knew right away what picture I wanted to use so order I did.  This worked out very well since we had just had family pictures done. Then low and behold a few weeks later this box arrived in the mail.

I was bursting with excitement!

Inside low and behold my very own 8x10 canvas print.

I love how it turned out!  I can't wait to hang it on a wall in our new house.

Right now they are offering 50% off your very own canvas print.  Use the link below and you are all set.  Don't forget to check out there website for special offers!

Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five On Friday!

Linking up with the High Five on Friday Ladies today!

1) #TeamTeddy - I am all about helping spread awareness for things - especially when it comes to sweet little kiddos!! Teddy this is for you! Together we are helping to spread the word about Menkes Syndrome, also known as "kinky hair syndrome." (a rare genetic disease that affects approximately 1 in 450,000 male babies)

2) Two of the cutest Valentines I ever did see. 

3) Today is Friday.  Today is Valentine's Day.  I am a hopeless romantic.  I love the idea behind Valentine's Day.  I know some people hate it and I understand that some people think that it's better to give little surprises throughout the year instead of just one day.  So today I am wishing all you out there a Happy Valentine's Day!

4) Not only is today Valentine's Day but today is a very special birthday.  Today Sissy turns ONE!  ONE!!  I can hardly believe it.  Where has the last year gone?  It is a very bittersweet day for me,  While my heart is sad for the fact that she is one.  She is growing so fast and changing so much.  She is full on walking, wanting to eat on her own and become her own independent little girl.  She is still a blue eyed beauty.  She is sensitive and hates being told no!

5) A letter to my sweet baby girl!
My Dearest Olivia,
You bring so much joy to our lives. You are sweet as sassy all at the same time. Like love how you get so proud of yourself for doing something new. You are walking and babbling up a storm. You are starting to try new things like climbing. You love your older brother and are annoyed with him all at the same time. You are a Mommas girl and I am not complaining about that one bit!  I just simply can't believe that you are one. I love you more than you could ever know. Happy birthday baby girl!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why We Work

This is my hubby and I!  We have been married for 7 years dating for 12.  We work because in some way we are opposite and others we can finish each others sentences. 

He is good with money - I am not (but I am getting better)

He will speak what's on his mind and I will not - (I am a sissy lala and afraid to hurt people's feelings)

He likes road trips and I like to fly somewhere and just be there already

He says he is the muscles of the family and I am the brains

He can and will talk to anybody - I am more shy

He is a homebody surprisingly I am a social butterfly

We make some pretty cute kids if I do say so myself

We don't try to change each other but we do help each other be better people.

He can say no - me not so much

He is a wonderful dad and I am a wonderful mom.

He makes me want to be a better person!


Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello Monday - You are my Favorite Day (said me - NEVER!!).

The weekend as per usual flew by!  We had a good productive weekend for the most part!

Friday Night - We stayed in because the hubby was working on the house.  He and a few others busted some tail and got the kitchen cabinets installed.  I heart them!!

Saturday - the hubby left to go out of town until Sunday afternoon and Kid Clammy was off to Tia's House for the day to visit.  Sissy was supposed to go but she woke up with a fever from her cold she has been fighting off and on since Christmas so she stayed home with me.  We packed up some boxes, cleaned some things up, made some tie blankets for a baby and Kid Clammy's bed.
I had to share this picture because apparently I have been eating oatmeal all wrong.  It's better to drink it!

Sunday - We hung around the house in the morning, Kid Clammy and I went to a friend's house so he could play and I could babysit for a little bit, then I had to take Sissy to the doctors - ear infection along with her cold.  She is such a good sport and really you wouldn't know anything is wrong with her.  Luckily her fever was gone by mid morning!  Also I have to brag - my mom made the birthday invites for her party - how cute are these?  I mean my mother is so gosh darn creative and talented!

We also got the first part of our wood floors installed. 

Dateless in Dallas

Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five on Friday

Hello Friends!! Happy Friday! Hope you have a good week!! I am linking of with the ladies for another edition of High Five on Friday. 

1) This week was my first week of the Shakeology / Beach body Challenge. While I have a ways to ago and will have bumps in the road along the way I know that I am going to make progress. The fact that I worked out four days this week already is something for me to be proud of!

2) Tile floor has began being installed in the house - the progress continues. 

3) Our new windows - I just love them!!

4) The kids - I just love them!!
Kid Clammy helping me paint things for the new house.  

This is Sissy's face when she starts to cry because she is getting in trouble.  I told her she couldn't stand up in her bath tub - I am such a mean mom.  

5) It's Friday - Happy Dance - Happy Dance - Happy Dance!
Have a great weekend!!