Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday...Doing a little Five on Friday today...

1)  The Rodeo is in town...and this year the Budweiser Clydesdale came into I took the kids down to see them.  While there we we ran into Aunt Becky. 

2) Happy to say that Sissy is on the mend from her big ol goose egg she got the other night!!

3. Got to have dinner with my brother the other night.  He passed through town on his way home! We don't get to see him very often so we take every chance we can get!!

4.  I have some amazing Superheroes in my life!!  (this was a fun little mask the kids got from a birthday party)

5.  I am doing the Happy Dance - 20 times over now that our 1st battle with Lice is over!! This was dreadful and while I am sure it will happen again I really really hope it never does!!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Goals

For March...

1. Finish both books I am currently reading.  This one gets a half check - because I made progress on one - and finished the other!!!  

This my friends was a great book.  My bestie bought it for me for Christmas and I KNOW it is one I will read again!!

2. Host some friends for dinner - EPIC this month just slipped by!!  

3.  Organize my life - house, schedule, budget you name it I need to get working on it!! - This one also gets a partial check off - because I did in fact make progress!

4. Take some me time - this involves - getting my hair did, a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed!  Check mate on this!! I did in fact get my hair did, I got a pedi with my bestie along with an eyebrow was - which I am regretting that one!!  The eyebrow did not go as planned - so much for "cleaning the up" she practically took them clean off!!  Yes I am over exaggerating a bit - BUT STILL!!


For this month...even though its about half over so by now I am not setting my heights too high...

1. Get items ready for garage sale next month

2. Celebrate a family who is moving out of state (kind of a given that we already RSVP'd to the party - but I feel productive this way

3. It's my month to host Bunco - so here's to having a successful night with good friends and good food.

4.  Finish my left over book from March...according to my kindle I am 80% of the way through...and I have another book I want to start.  I am finding it's hard to read two at a time!  

5.  Call regarding some home bills (cable, internet etc...) and see about how to save money

Not keeping it to hard this month!!


Monday, April 13, 2015


Yes - that is not a typo in the title...instead of Monday- we are calling it Liceday!!  That's right we have been plagued with the Lice bugs and I may just be losing what marbles I had left over it!!

We found them a week ago last Saturday...and since then there has been lice treatments, many many many loads of laundry, lots of tears (mostly mine), lots of combing, one shaved head, stress and wondering if each itch is a lice itch or just an itch.

Because the over the counter treatments have so many toxins in them we have been doing other stuff to make sure that anything living dies!!

We did one night of olive oil and shower cap while sleeping and the next night mayonnaise and shower cap.

I just want to make sure that anything possibly breathing dies!!

We also use that special comb to get the eggs out.  Just when I think we must have gotten the last possible egg...we find another one.  However as of today - I think we are finally good to go!! Just to be sure I will still be "nit" combing their until until the day they move out and throwing a mayo treatment in there a time or too as well!!  

On the plus side - you can see by the pictures below- the kids were obviously not as bothered by it as I was!!