Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hey Friends!! Happy Weekday!!!  

Man o man am I lame!! I was all excited to come back to this space - and then I spaced and haven't been back in forever!!!  

Today though I am back - and one of the main reason's why I am back is to share with you about BurgaBox!  Have you heard of it?  This is not a paid ad - I just think ya'll should try it at least once!!  I came across this from Christina over at Carolina Charm.  When I first looked into I passed because the shipping was too high for me.  However recently they started offering free shipping so I went for it.

I order the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot burger, the buffalo blue fries and pulled pork mac n' cheese!! You guys I kid you not it was so much food and so amazing!!!

They send you everything you need to make / assemble this delicious feast!!  

I just had to stop in and share!!!

Check them out...


Friday, February 17, 2017

Welcome Back

It's been too long since I have been in this space. I have missed it. At one time I found to be rather therapeutic to write on this space though I don't consider myself a particularly great or even good writer. But I realized that I am here for a way to release, calm my heart and mind. I hope to return here more regularly but as most know the "hobbies" that we have can easily get put to the back burner when life gets busy, complicated or overwhelming. But with the new year being here and me feeling a little lost I am turning to this space for some help. I hope to be able to put my life and feelings into words to help me grow, reflect, look back, and enjoy. I hope that you will join me on this journey as well!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals

May's Goals...

1. Celebrate Mother's Day - hosting brunch for all the special mom's in our lives. 

2. Celebrate the Hubby's birthday (already able to cross this off the list)

3. Read at least one more book - I am about 70% done with the two that I am reading right now.  

4.  Work in Kid Clammy's classroom 1 morning this month

Dang - I went 3 for 4 this month!!  Yeah Me!! I think the key is to set the goals lower so its easier to achieve!!!  

Moving on to June goals...I can't beleive it is June already - I know I say that every month - but we are in month 6 of a the 12 month year - holy cow that was fast!!  

For this month...

1. Celebrate Father's day 

2. Celebrate Kid Clammy's last day of preschool - he is on to TK next year

3. Work on back patio - we have started this but there is still a ways to go - so if we can get half way done this month that will be awesome!

4. Finish both books that I am reading right now and start a new one!!

I think I am going to stick with 4 this month and see what happens!! 

Happy June!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!

1) Four day work weeks are the best!!

2) Last weekend we went to Legoland and picked fresh strawberries -

3) I did a TBT yesterday sharing a girl picture of me and one of Sissy...she is on the left. I laugh because everyone says we are twins but I don't really see it. Maybe we have the same nose but that's about it. 

4) This girl - even though she didn't feel good and had a temp ranging from 101-103 she is still a trooper and hung out with me for part of the workday yesterday.

5) Got this little take home box from my mom this morning when I dropped off Sissy...its my fav dessert from the restaurant they went too...chocolate peanut butter pie. YUMMMMY!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, May 8, 2015


For today's Five on Friday - I am sharing about 5 very special mom's in our lives!!

1) First and foremost - my Mom! Without her I wouldn't be the person I am today.  She has showed love and support my whole life.  She loves with her whole heart, has an amazing creative side and the love she shows my children warms my heart.  I could write so much more about her but for now - just know that she is AWESOME!!

2) These wonderful women below is my Grandmothers.  The lovely lady in the top photo is my paternal grandmother.  She coined the phrase in our family "Love You More", she taught me to bake with love.  She loved being with people and her smile spread across her face so big! When Sissy smiles - I see Grandma's smile!
My Maternal Grandmother - passed away when I was young but I can still remember her welcoming anyone into her home, being so loving, playing cards with me in front of the window.  She left a lasting impression forever!

3. My Sister Natalie - though we are not related by blood or even marriage this girl right here has been with me from the start.  My life without her would be dull!  We may not live in the same city anymore and we may not talk everyday but no matter what she is my sister! She is honest, kind, an amazing mom, friend, and sister-extraordinaire!  
4. Mom - In - Law - Without her there would be no hubby!!  She has this ability to talk to anyone and usually no matter where we go she runs into someone she knows.  She loves her Grand kids with all her heart and they love her right back!

5.  This is my "Tia" - she has been my second mom my whole life!  Before she had kids of her own I had my own room at her house.  I spent many weekends with her and I loved everyone! She is grounded and down to earth but full of spunk!  She loves my kids as if they are her very own grandkids!

6.  Ok - so I know I only said five and I don't have a picture for #6 but it goes without saying that if it wasn't for this woman's courage and heart I would not even be here today - let alone have the women mentioned above in my life.  She is my birth mom.  She was young and knew that putting me up for adoption was the best option.  Had she not had that strength and courage I wouldn't have this wonderful life I have now.  She obviously loved me very much to know that at a young age she couldn't care for me the way she wanted and with that gave me the best gift ever - my family today! So a Happy Mother's Day wish I send to her for being the best kind of mom - strong and courageous to know what was right and what was best!  I hope where ever her life has taken her she is happy and I do hope one day that we can meet so I can say Thank You!

I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day - whether you are a mom, fur mom, aunt, sister, friend - whatever it may be!