Friday, January 30, 2015


Happy Friday Friends!!! So excited for the weekend over here!! How about you?

I am linking up for some Five on Friday action!!

1) Finding a $10 unused Starbucks gift card in my car - YAHOO!!  Treat Day!

2) Monster Trucks are coming to town again this weekend so they had the Scooby Doo! Truck on display at our local Ford Dealer - so we took the kids to check it out.  

3) This Kid - he is crazy I tell ya!! This is his face after he used it to erase the dry erase board!

4) My Father in Law the jeweler got my ring all spiffed up for me this week!!

5) Finding $10 bucks in my pants pocket yesterday!!! 

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Concert Season Begins

We aren't even through the first month of 2015 and we have already attended our first concert.  A few months ago the hubby asked if I wanted to go see Eric Church.  I said no thanks.  Then a few days later a light bulb went off in my head and I had the idea that the tickets would be the perfect Christmas gift for him.  So I went and bought two tickets - just so happen his bro and sis-in-law had tickets too.  So I wrapped them up and gave them to him and totally surprised him!!  What was even more surprising was how much I actually enjoyed the concert.  I was too impressed with the opening act but once Eric took the stage I was sold!! I forgot how many of his songs I actually knew!!  And now for the photo dump...

It was a fun night - but I am really going to have to rethink concerts on a Sunday night - especially when we were out till 3am the night before!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday Friends!!! Here for a little five on Friday action...

1) Using this gem from Christmas today!! 

2) Last Sunday night we went to Eric Church!  It was a great concert!!
3) The kids called me into their room the other day...Mom mom...come look at us and take our picture. 

4) This is what happens when you let Kid Clammy play outside with the dog after it rained. 

5) These...have you tried these yet?  My sister told me about how good they were and she was NOT lying!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday...

1.  Christmas in January.  We all know the holidays are busy, busy, busy and fitting everyone in is just plain hard sometimes!! This year we had Christmas in January with my Bestie and her fam.  They came over for dinner, we visited, caught up, the kids played and opened some presents.

2.  Monster Trucks are in town for their first of two shows this month.  We took the kids to see Monster Mutt Rottweiler last night!

3.  Sissy has been sick this week so one day she had to accompany me to work (no daycare due to fever and Mema & Grandpa were out of town)

4.  A selfie before school just because!

5. (this get two because well - why not)  Someone was excited about her new rain boots!!  Also Hubbster and I had a date night last Friday which required cocktails and sequin shoes.  

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Glimpse Into Our Christmas

Yes I know we are almost half a month after Christmas...but I thought I would still share a small glimpse into our Christmas!  We had a great Christmas full of family, yummy food, and great memories!!  

Pies I made for dessert

Santa was here - he left half eaten cookies, half drank milk and some chewed up carrots from the Reindeer (which I caught Sissy snacking on)

Presents Galore (this was two families added together)

Annual funny hat photo at the In Laws

Someone turned into a model

Someone turned into a tired model

It was a busy Christmas to say the least but none the less it was magical!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Our New Year's was great!! We hit the road Wednesday afternoon for the desert.  For us its about a 3 hour drive.  

The day before we had gotten a big storm so our mountains were covered in snow - it was beautiful! 

We had a pretty big group and a few rotated in and out.  Lucas had fun with his cousins for a few nights - and a sleepover to boot!

Morning snuggles

Test Hill

Shots for New Year's Eve!!  Fireball all the way (until you run out then you have to use Jack)

The results of said Jack & Fireball...My hubby with his hat on fire!!

Kid Clammy - loves to ride his quad...normally he rides around the nearest burm track...however this trip we let him follow behind the buggy.  He did great!

Sunsets are always beautiful

Yes that is a dog in Sissy's lap!!  My mom takes one of her dogs just about everywhere.  

Just plain ol' desert fun and exploring

It was a great New Years!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five On Friday - Year in Review Edition

I thought I would change up my Five on Friday a bit...and since I am still reminiscing about the past year - I thought I would share the top 5 moments...mind you it was really hard to pick as it was a great year and we did some fun things and made many, many memories.  

5. Misc Stuff - girls trip to Palm Springs, Desert Trips, 40th Anniversary Party for my Parents, Concerts and Camping Trips!!


4. Family Vacation to Texas!!! This was an amazing road trip seeing really cool sites and visting with family!! 

3. Kid Clammy turns 4

2. Sissy turns 1

1.  We moved into our home!

It was a great year!!