Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five On February!

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope you all had a good week!!  I am linking up today with the ladies from High Five on Friday - February edition!

Since its almost February I figured I would high five some of the great things on the horizon for the month of February.  While I can hardly believe that February is almost here - I mean where did January go there are sure to be some good things happening next month.

1)  The house - while it feels like this remodel has been taking FOREVER fingers crossed it will be finished up this month and we can FINALLY move in!!  The picture below is showing that painting has begun!

2)  Presidents Weekend - This means a three day weekend and who doesn't love a three day weekend.  Plus it means a trip to the desert!  Yeah for a weekend in the desert!

3)  Valentine's Day - while I don't get super duper mushy mushy over Valentine's day I do look forward to any reason to have a nice dinner, steal an extra kiss from the hubs, buy a silly little gift that only he could enjoy it is always fun for me!

4) Shakeology / Beach Body - So I am starting a challenge on Monday that is going to help me lose weight.  It is using Shakeology and Beach Body workouts.  While I am excited for this new venture - I am also scared to death!  Hopefully it will go well and I can finally put me first for once and do what I need to do!  Also with this a few of my girlfriends and I have been doing this plank challenge! I am on the second day of 60 seconds and holy-ba-geous it is hard!!

30 Day Plank Challenge Fitness Workout Chart
30 Day Plank

5) This little princess is turning 1 on Valentine's Day.  I can't believe how fast the first year has gone  it is very bittersweet that she is turning 1.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 24, 2014

High Five for Friday - Mom of Boy Edition

Normally I post about the weekend and such but today I got something a little different up my sleeve.  The other day I was reading a guest blog post on A Sorta Fairytale and it was about how you know you're a mom of a boy. So I was inspired for this weeks High Five for Friday on the five things that remind me I am a mom of a boy. 

Being a mom of a boy brings many interesting things to life

1) Injuries - see pictures. They seem to mainly happen to his head/face. Anyone who knows my son is not surprised by this at all. He is extremely active and a daredevil at that.  He is usually pretty tough and has a brush it off approach so when he cries I know he is really hurting.  

This nose injury happened last night - he was running, tripped and smacked square into the edge of  a chair.

Here he busted his head open at about 18 months (for the second time).  No stitches just glue and not tears shed while doing it.  He was actually sleeping.  

2) Adventure - At three and a half he has started riding his "big" quad at the desert. He usually rides around a little track however he is ready to adventure into the dunes (this came after his first time riding). This mamma though not quite ready for that. 

3) Attitude - This boy of mine has a eye roll like no other.  He has an angry face and grunt when he gets mad and sometimes the things that he says leaves me wondering where in world he comes up with this stuff. Like the day when our convo went like this:  Kid Clammy "Mom I want to go to Grammy's (as we were driving in the car to Grammy's) Me: " We are going to Grammy's"  Kid Clammy: "This is not the way to Grammy's"  Me: "Yes it is" Lucas: "ok calm down sunshine".

4) Boy Toys - Monster Trucks of all sizes and names (Grave Digger, Capatin's Curse, Monster Mutt you name it we got it), Matchbox Cars and Hot Wheels - so many makes and models, Jake and the Neverland Pirate toys, Legos, and so much more.  

Now this is an extra large version of some of the monster trucks we have at home.

5) A Big Heart - Even when he is being a monster (thank you terrible three's) he can have the biggest heart of anyone.  The random - "I missed you today" or "I love you", when he says grace at the table ("thank you for the food Baby Jesus Amen"), when he wants to help you mop, vacuum, unload the car, or help cook dinner.  Hugging and Loving on his sister (then picking on her next)  He really can be a sweetheart!

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cheers Not Jeers

Linking up today for the first time to share some of my favorite bloggers.
I am sure that you already know of this blogger.  Erin @ Living In Yellow.  If you do you know how fabulous she really is.  She is funny, has a great love for Mac n’ Cheese and Guilana Rancic, and she has  great fashion sense.  She is one of the first blogs I came across and is someone who inspired me to start a blog.  Check her out if you haven’t already.  I could only hope to be even half the blogger that she is one day!


Also I would like you to meet Stormy from Life’s a Dance.  What first attracted me to her blog is her name (I mean it’s not common and I like that) and the name of her blog.  Every time I read it a certain song pops into my head and puts a smile on my face.  She is a new mommy of the cutest lil guy so stop by and check her out!  You won’t be disappointed!!
Cheers not Jeers

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Weekend!

Another weekend come and gone in the blink of an eye it seems!! I wish I would have taken more pictures but for now these will have to do!

This weekend in San Diego Monster Jam was in town and in all the years I have been with the hubby (12 years) we have missed two.  Two.  That's a pretty good record.  The reason for missing (not that you care) was a fundraiser for my brother in law (he had donated a kidney) and this year because we are saving to go to the world finals in Las Vegas.  Yes monster trucks in our home is a HUGE deal!  Now back to the point - there were monster trucks scattered around San Diego on Friday night for display and we were lucky enough that there were two with in a mile of our house.  So Friday night with some friends we took the kids to see the monster trucks.  Lucas was lucky enough to get pictures and autographs from both drivers.

On Saturday while the kids were having fun at Grammy's house the hubby and I were working away on the humble home!  More drywall (this seems never ending), finished electrical, primed the bedroom walls and almost finished complete construction on the water heater cabinet. Found that a tree had fallen down in our back yard too!

Sunday in order to get more work done on the house with a help of friend the kids and I were off to Seaworld for a day of fun.  We went with the friends wife and kiddos, another friend and her son.  We had such a great time.  Got to ride some of the rides I don't normally and the kids and I had a blast.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Another edition of 5 on Friday!  So happy it's Friday, so happy to be linking up, so happy I got three posts in this week! Self high five!

1) Kid Clammy started preschool last week and well let's just say while I am super sad my boy is growing way too fast I am super excited about the art work that is coming home!  (I meant to take a picture to share - but forgot #momfail)

2) Sissy turned 11 months this week!  Again with the time going too fast!  

3) Mixed emotions about this California weather. While I am glad that I am not suffering with snow and -50 degrees. I am a little bummed to have not been able to break out more scarves and ugg boots! However today I am rocking some comfy clothes because its Friday - and why not?

(I promise my pants really are all black - not sure what happened in the picture)

4) More work on the house this weekend - I wish it was just done already but that's not the reality.  But more work means that much closer.  I was hoping to move in before the end of the month but well let's just say hope and reality are really two different things!

5) I made this chalkboard sign for fun things, firsts, lasts etc.  I think I need to repaint to a the black chalkboard at this grey is a little hard to read!  But it is one of my first DIY and I am happy with how it turned out!

Happy Friday!! Have a great Weekend!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Funny, Weird, Random – not really sure?

So there are some sayings I have heard that I don’t really “get”, there are some that I love and use quite often and there are some things that have happened that I wonder – am I the only one who thinks this is strange?  So here is a post about some major randomness floating around in my head. 

First off the company I work for –the founder used to say – “Live and Learn and Die Dumb”  I happen to use this saying all the time but I really don’t get it!  Another of my favs “if you see a bucket of shit don’t stir it”.  Now this I totally get and try to live by as often as I can – but sometimes I just can’t help myself and I am stirring away just to see what will happen.  Or how about “finer than a frogs hair split 10 ways”  Really?  I didn’t even know frogs have hair – or do they?  

Ok the other thing – when you are giving numbers to people – for instance paying with a credit card over the phone do you say – one / two / three / four (1234) or do you say twelve thirty four?  For me I much prefer one-two-three-four because then I don’t have to think about what numbers make up twelve and thirty four. 
My job consists of a lot of talking on the phone – I mean A LOT!! (I answer phones as part of my job).  So here is the thing –sometimes customers call and yell and scream and aren’t very nice.  They can forget that I am the one that really has to help them get to the person they need to speak with so they really should be nice to me.  Then there are the ones who feel the need to tell you their entire life story.  I mean we are talking 2-3 minutes of time that I cannot get back – all when they could have just said – can I speak with so-in-so.  Hopefully they feel better now after getting it all off their chest. 

Toilet Paper - over or under?  Does it really matter?

Kleenex box in the back window of a car – how do you reach it if your are driving and have to sneeze or have a booger? 

Ok that’s all for today – see like a said totally random!!

A random picture of Kid Clammy to go with my random post!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One Fifteen

Good morning Friends!!  I feel like I am suffering from a case of writers block lately.  But its not really writers block per say.  I have lots of “drafts” posts started of ideas of things and topics I want to talk about but none of them are finished.  Finding time and the right words are both escaping me right now!  I have wanted to talk about our Christmas and our New Year’s.  I have wanted to talk about Resolutions, A Money Challenge and so much more.  But for now – all I got is a bunch of non finished nonexistent posts!!  However we have made a little more progress on the house…

Date Night @ The Home Depot
Hanging More Drywall
Building the Water Heater Cabinet (this is my project)
Our cabinets arrived

Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five on Friday

Linking up with the ladies today to celebrate the fact that it is Friday!  
1) Using this little diddy that I won at Christmas Bunco to have myself a little treat today!  Isn't that just the cutest gift card?

2) Bought these boots yesterday!  Again with a gift card I got for Christmas so that's always a plus!  I have been wanting new boots for awhile now since last year actually but since I was super prego and swollen I figured I better wait - then by then they were all gone!!  So now I have new boots!! Oh and the fact they were on sale - even better!!

3) Shutterfly! I love Shutterfly but the fact that they have a app for the iPhone so I can upload my pics just about whenever I want and not have to worry about Kid Clammy deleting them is such a plus!!

4)  More work on the house this weekend - but that means that things are coming along.  I think! 
Some pics of what has been happening!

5) This guy started preschool!! Day's 1 and 2 were a success!! No tears and happy at pick up!! Momma on the other hand - well I cried both days and the second day was even harder than the first.  At least I didn't let him see my tears!!

Happy Friday - Have a great weekend!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Shame on Me

Shame on me for being a bad blogger.  No posting for over 2 weeks!! I suck!!  I have every excuse in the world for why I haven't blogged - no time, busy holidays, being out of town for 5 days, work, kids, getting a cold and so on and so forth!!  I have been having so many ideas go through my mind with what I have wanted to post. For instance a Christmas recap, a DIY post, a post about resolutions, and some other stuff!  Until then - a recap of our weekend!  House, House, House - nothing but house all weekend.  We made some good progress - I even pitched in and did more manual labor than I would have liked.  As of late Sunday afternoon - there is some drywall and insulation back up in the ceiling, I prepped the bedrooms so they were ready for texture, primer and paint.  The texture has been done - shout out to Uncle!!
Drywall waiting to be installed

One of the rooms textured - check out that ceiling fan - yeah that going to be replaced with a new free one!!

Put my chop saw skills to work!

Supervisor Extraordinaire

What happens after the chop saw skills are put to work!

Happy Monday!!
Showered With Design