Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five On February!

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope you all had a good week!!  I am linking up today with the ladies from High Five on Friday - February edition!

Since its almost February I figured I would high five some of the great things on the horizon for the month of February.  While I can hardly believe that February is almost here - I mean where did January go there are sure to be some good things happening next month.

1)  The house - while it feels like this remodel has been taking FOREVER fingers crossed it will be finished up this month and we can FINALLY move in!!  The picture below is showing that painting has begun!

2)  Presidents Weekend - This means a three day weekend and who doesn't love a three day weekend.  Plus it means a trip to the desert!  Yeah for a weekend in the desert!

3)  Valentine's Day - while I don't get super duper mushy mushy over Valentine's day I do look forward to any reason to have a nice dinner, steal an extra kiss from the hubs, buy a silly little gift that only he could enjoy it is always fun for me!

4) Shakeology / Beach Body - So I am starting a challenge on Monday that is going to help me lose weight.  It is using Shakeology and Beach Body workouts.  While I am excited for this new venture - I am also scared to death!  Hopefully it will go well and I can finally put me first for once and do what I need to do!  Also with this a few of my girlfriends and I have been doing this plank challenge! I am on the second day of 60 seconds and holy-ba-geous it is hard!!

30 Day Plank Challenge Fitness Workout Chart
30 Day Plank

5) This little princess is turning 1 on Valentine's Day.  I can't believe how fast the first year has gone  it is very bittersweet that she is turning 1.

Have a great weekend!

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