Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

Well HELLLLLLLOOOOOO Friday!! So happy to see you!!  We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. We are wrapping presents up a storm (not my favorite thing), decorating gingerbread houses and spending money like it going out of style!! Ha ha!!  

Here is a  Five on Friday - linking up with some lovely ladies!!

1.  Gingerbread Houses for the win!! Daddy helped assemble and frost, the kids ate the candy and what was left over stuck on the house.  Sissy did a great job putting the candy on (after she licked it of course).  

2.  Sissy practicing her "elfies" as she calls them!

3. A beautiful sky - that's all!

4.  Someone got a huge goose egg the other night - I totally thought this was share worthy!

5.  Merry Early Christmas to me!!  I was shopping Etsy for some gifts for the grandma's and found this for myself!!  You can find yours here!!

Happy Friday!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello!  Happy Friday - not sure where you are but we getting some much needed rain here is So Cal.  The only down fall is that when water falls out of the sky - people forget how to drive!! Does that happen where you live?  In any case today I am linking up with the lovely ladies for a little Five on Friday!

1.  Last night consisted of hot cocoa and Christmas tree decorating.

Only two casualties resulted in such from Sissy and one from me.  Oops - hardwood floors are not forgiving like carpet.  

2)  Monday was Bunco and it was my month to host.  I served breakfast for dinner and learned that my phone has a timer to take group selfies!!

3.  This was the last week for swim lessons and gymnastics until after the first of the year.  Yeah for a bit of a mommy run around town break!

4.  First half of Christmas cards in the mail

5.  Grandpa's little helper & Some crazy elves (lumping two things together)

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday...

It's been a hot minute since I blogged but hey such is life!!

1. Today is a very special is my families adoption anniversary. Today 34 years ago my parents brought me home for the first time!  I was adopted. Given up by a brave young girl I found the perfect home!  I am one lucky girl!

2. Paid it forward today and bought the coffee for the woman in line behind me. 

3.  Our elf on the shelf is back. So far not too much trouble but today they were having a picnic. 

4.  Last weekend for Thanksgiving we went to the is a picture of my hubby jumping one of the cars he built.  

5.  My mom's Christmas Tree - She is amazing!!!  This is here Mickey and Minnie tree (this is one of many themes she has to choose from).  

Happy Friday!!