Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello!  Happy Friday - not sure where you are but we getting some much needed rain here is So Cal.  The only down fall is that when water falls out of the sky - people forget how to drive!! Does that happen where you live?  In any case today I am linking up with the lovely ladies for a little Five on Friday!

1.  Last night consisted of hot cocoa and Christmas tree decorating.

Only two casualties resulted in such from Sissy and one from me.  Oops - hardwood floors are not forgiving like carpet.  

2)  Monday was Bunco and it was my month to host.  I served breakfast for dinner and learned that my phone has a timer to take group selfies!!

3.  This was the last week for swim lessons and gymnastics until after the first of the year.  Yeah for a bit of a mommy run around town break!

4.  First half of Christmas cards in the mail

5.  Grandpa's little helper & Some crazy elves (lumping two things together)

Have a great weekend!!

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