Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looking on the bright side...

Happy Hump Day.  While this week has been a bit of a rough one so far I am looking at the brighter side of things...

* It's Wednesday / Hump Day - we are half way through the week

*Tomorrow is payday

*Tonight is the Big Brother Finale - although I am actually a little sad its over - it does mean that some of the fall shows that I do love are coming back on

* I am 3-0 in my Fantasy Football

*Friday is my birthday

*Slightly cooler weather - which means fall is hopefully coming!  I love fall - its my favorite season!

*My kids are awesome

*And just because it always puts a smile on my face...

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's a Big Deal

This weekend is a pretty big deal in our family - especially for my hubby.  This weekend is the Sand Sports Super Show.  Best was to describe it - candy store for grown men who like all things off road!  Why is this a big deal for the hubs...well because this year is the give away of the raffle car that he built on Sunday.  He will also have a booth at this said show with some new cars on display.  Hopefully one of them (the red and white one) will sell!  Fingers crossed for a successful weekend!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Challenge

So I was dropping Kid Clammy off at school today and was thinking – wow these mom’s must think I am a total bitch!  Here’s why I say that – I don’t talk to any of them – but not because I am a Bitch but because I am shy and scared.  Meeting new people for me is really super awkward.  My friends and family that I know – no big deal – I talk, I laugh so on and so forth.  But new people that is scary as hell to me.  Since I am so shy and so introverted I find it very hard to just strike up a conversation with a new person – especially one I might be seeing on a daily basis.  I mean for goodness sakes – I was walking behind a mom today (she even held a door open – of course I said thank you) but I walked all the way behind her to the car and never said a word.  I know that I could have said, “how are you?” for starters – but no just walked staring at the back of her head!  So I am challenging myself to take baby steps out of my box of shyness.  Each day when I drop Kid Clammy off at school I want to say hi to at least one parent I may see that their son or daughter is in his class.  So here goes nothing…starting Thursday of course!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I really tried to come up with a more creative blog post title -but as you can see I failed at that one.

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard that today would have been Paul Walkers 40th birthday.  So young and good looking and a life lost too early.  Happy Birthday Paul!

I was really racking my brain about what to write today - Five on Friday, Weekend Plans, or absolutely nothing.  I thought showing up would be better than nothing - but feel bad that I don't have much to say today.  Oh well I guess - there's always next week!!  In any case I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I can't believe it has been 13 years since that terrible horrible day.  I still remember like it was yesterday.  I never have been big on watching the news but for some reason that morning I turned it on.  Just a few seconds in to watching they were showing the towers and the second plane hit the tower - live right there while I and so many others were watching.  I remember waking up my mom to come and watch and sitting there together crying and in shock that this was happening.  Soon you hear about a plane in Philadelphia and a place in Washington D.C. and we all knew it was a terrorist attack.  Pondering why would someone do this, all those people who were going about their normal business, those first responders trying to save lives, no one saw it coming. It is a day we will never forget!  Today I say prayers for those who were lost and those who lost and one to hope it never happens again!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  So this weekend is set to be a weekend full of hard work, celebrations and fun!  So here are a few things about what's been happening and going to happen!

1) Sissy has decided it is funner to push the shopping cart as opposed to riding in!  However then she discovered how much she loved riding under it!! (I promise I did not let this go on for too long with the fear of crushed fingers etc).
2) Tuesday night was Kid Clammy's birthday dinner - he chose Outback of all places.  He is totally our kid!

3) Celebrating the engagement of my niece and her long time boyfriend at their engagement party! I couldn't be happier for them and excited for the life they are going to have together!!

4) This guy's birthday party on Sunday.  A bunch of family and friends gathering to celebrate what a special guy he is!! Love him to pieces!  Still can't believe he is 4!

5) Happy Friday!!  From a holiday weekend, to a short work week, to it being Friday and the weekend all over again - HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Holy Moly It's Septmeber

August Goals

Pay it forward - buy someones Starbucks, pay for their lunch - something! Did this at Starbucks.

Take a girls trip - I am totally cheating on this because it is already planned and in the works. However its not complete until I am home safe and sounds and refrained from smacking a bitch on the trip.  We had a great time on our girls trip.  It was much needed and virtually drama free!

Finish / Make Progress on some of this items above - This has been left over from the past few months.  While I got a few things done, some progress made on others there is still a ways to go!

Celebrate Birthdays - August has a lot of birthdays so we will be celebrating our moms, sisters, and probably a few others! Check mate - both our mom's enjoyed their days, the sisters, and sister in law as well! Happy Birthday month to all them!

September Goals

Celebrate Kid Clammy's Birthday -I can't believe that is is 4 already.  Time sure does go way to fast!

Celebrate my birthday - I am turning thirty something this year and while I don't have to celebrate my birthday for a month (my Mother in Law does this and I think its great), some years I am ok if my birthday passes by unnoticed and other years I am ok making a to-do about this.  This year I am still on the fence about my birthday.  

Sand Sports Super Show  - This is a big deal in our next of the woods.  This year is even more special because the raffle car that the hubby built is being raffled off on the Sunday of the show.  This has been huge exposure for him and I really hope that it helps his business continue to grow!

And because this month already seems to be overwhelming me - I am going to stick with these 3 goals and see what happens!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is Kid Clammy's 4th Birthday!  I really just can't believe it.  It seems like yesterday I was preggo with him and now he is 4.  Where did the time go?  It's so true that the days and weeks may be long but the months and years are so short.  So in honor of my little guys birthday...a letter..

Dear Kid Clammy, 

You are such an amazing little guy!!  You are smart beyond your years, the things that you say never cease to amaze me or make me laugh.  Even though you are only 4 (and in my eyes still a baby) I know you think that you are really 10.  You are so sweet (when you want to be) and I love that you will still cuddle with me! Your spunk is incredible! The way your love life, adventures and your family is wonderful!  You have the biggest heart and sometimes the smartest mouth (you take after your mom and dad that way)!  I hope your day is as least as half as amazing as your are!  Your dad and I love you more than you will ever know!!

Happy Birthday Handsome!!