Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween and Happy Throw Back Thursday from little ole me - circa a way long time ago!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy busy busy

Wowzers that was a busy weekend. Friday night started with my parents and I taking the kids to the Trunk or Treat. The kids dress in Halloween costumes we head to downtown El Cajon and the classic car owners pass out candy from their "trunks". It was great practice for Kid Clammy for actual Halloween.
Saturday morning the kiddos and I got and headed out to watch my niece in her cheer leading competition. We got all the way there and oops had the wrong day. So instead we met up with my parents and headed to a chili cook off. The park was really nice and the only picture I took was of the boys from the Chula Vista baseball team that we to the Little League World Series.  The rest of the  day/ night was mellow.
Sunday morning we headed out the door early again and made it to the competition on the right day. The girls did such a great job. I was one proud auntie! After she was done the kids and I hopped in the car and headed just over an hour north to the Lucas Oil Off Road racing series races at Lake Elsinore. The hubs had been there all weekend helping a friend and the kids and I joined them on Sunday. We had such a great time. We got to be up close and personal with some of the trucks and in the last race our friend took third. Although we had a great time it made for an exhausting day!  All in all another successful weekend!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Friday - you are welcome any time!!  Dear Hubby - wishing you the best of luck this weekend as you try and get your foot in the door with Off Road Racing.  Although the kids and I are sad you will be gone all weekend - we know that it is for the potential betterment of our family.  Dear Kiddos - Hopefully I will get your best behavior with Daddy out of town.  We have some fun things planned this weekend.  Dear House - Please continue to go smoothly so we can close next week.  Then let the remodel begin!!  Dear Friends and Family - we will be calling in all favors and helping hands possible in the next few weeks - be prepared!!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life Be Gettin' Real

That title sounded way more cool and gangster in my head! Oh well. So yes I know life has already been real I mean married with two kids – yeah that life sh%t got real a long time about. But it’s about to get even more real and more crazy. No no no – stop that train of thought on the tracks right now – I am not having another baby. For goodness sakes!! The hubby and I bought a house. For the last two years we have been living with my parents in order to save money to buy a house here in this crazy expensive town of San Diego.
The house hunting was a crazy roller coaster ride – so many ups and downs (highs & lows) that it was almost too much to handle. We looked for a house for just over a year, put in numerous offers, got shot down numerous times until FINALLY we found one. A fixer upper none the less but a house to call and make our own. Any who – we are set to close escrow next week and I am starting to freak out a bit A LOT!! YIKES. The idea of remodeling projects, painting, moving, updating, unpacking, mortgage payment, utility bills, and so on and so forth all while working and raising two kids!! DOUBLE YIKES!! Talk about system overload!! The fact that we are down to crunch time and it is all about to be very real is freaking me out!!
With that being said I guess I better pull up my big girls panties and get to crack-a-lackin’
Here is the start to my list so far...
Remodel Bath
New Windows & Doors
Move & Replace Water Heater
New Carpet
Fix Misc Electrical
Tent for Termites
Wish us luck!! We are probably going to need it!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend for the books! Started on Friday night with another concert!  Five of us headed to the Jason Aldean Night Train Tour. Thomas Rhett was the opener followed up by Jake Owen and then of course Jason Aldean. It was a great concert. We were in the "pit" which is right by the stage it is general admission so there are no seats but you are right in the front. Downfall is that everyone else in the pit wants to be right up in the front with you. We were pretty close to the front but as each act came on the people got closer and closer and pretty soon we were sardines in a can. All that aside it was still a great time. My girlfriends and I love to dance so after Jason's first song we went to the back of the pit so we could shake what our mamas gave us!  We did see a girl fight which was pretty entertaining. Of course a great night at a concert was followed up by some delicious greasy Mexican food!  Yum-O!  


The crowd looking back from the front.  
Imagine my surprise when Jason introduces Kelly Clarkson to do the duet with him.  I mean come on I just saw her in concert.  But low and behold she was off getting married or something and the computer imagine of her was pretty amazing.  It actually took me a little while to know that it wasn't her!!

The next day hubby had to work so the kiddos and I hung out around the house then we took them to my aunts house and we headed to dinner and a another show.  As I mentioned last week my husband loves comedy so we saw Paul Rodriguez.  He was pretty funny and it felt really good to laugh!!  Sunday was pretty mellow - working around the house and running errands followed by a BBQ with Hubby's family!! 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Sami's Shenanigans

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanking My Lucky Stars

So I was going to do a post about my weekend but I wanted to share something else instead because I was thanking my lucky stars yesterday!  (I always try to thank them because I have a lot to be thankful for but yesterday was even more so).
Last Wednesday my parents took off on a trip.  They were headed to Lake Havasu for a car run.  They were about two hours out of town when my dad's "hot rod" as Kid Clammy calls it broke down.  Thankfully they were near some friends who lived close and my dad tried to fix what he thought was broken but was unable too.  Instead he borrowed the friends truck and trailer brought home his"hot rod" and took mine instead.  We have this joke that my "hot rod" is the reliable one that doesn't let us down.
They had a great trip until they were on their way home.  They were about 2 hours away from home when the truck sputtered a little bit.  A little while later my mom thought she smelled smoke.  My dad of course thought she was being crazy.  But low and behold pretty soon there was smoke in the cab of the truck.  My dad then realized it was on fire.  He quickly pulled over - took the special bra off the front opened up the hood and proceeded to smother the fire out with some towels.  It really could have been a lot worse but I am thanking my lucky stars because of the fact that my parents are OK.  They were not hurt or anything.  My dad's quick thinking on his toes kept the fire from burning the truck down and keeping him and my mom from getting hurt.  This really could have been a lot worse - and when I got the phone call from my mom - hearing her hysterically crying on the other end I was scared to death.  Yes the truck was hurt and needs to be fixed but I am so thankful that my parents were not hurt.  The truck is just a truck. Yes it has sentimental value but my parents mean way more to me.  So the stars were aligned just right that nothing worse happened and they made it home safe and sound.  A little scared but still safe and that has me thanking my lucky stars.
Below are some pictures of the aftermath. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

High 5 for Friday!!

Tonight is going to be a fun one…It is the Jason Aldean concert here is town and guess who has tickets in the pit?  Oh yeah two thumbs pointing at this girl right here.  I think this is the most concerts I have been to in a matter of months let alone in a year!  But they are oh so fun and the fact that the tix were cheap if not free – even better!!

Saturday night is a little fun night I planned for the hubby.  He loves his comedians so I am taking him to see Paul Rodriguez.  I don’t know much about him but when the hubby says things –like “I would like to see him” I make mental notes and see how it can happen. 


Super excited about this purse that I ordered from ScreamingOwl.  I mean come on how is this?  I may or may not have ordered a second as a gift.


Family Time – hoping for some family time at the San Diego Zoo on Sunday!
Last but not least - IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anniversary Dinner

Monday night was the hubs and mine 7 year wedding anniversary. So we got my parents to watch the kiddos got ourselves gussied up ( I am talking about actually wearing make up, heels and something that didn't involve t-shirt and jeans) and went to a fancy smancy dinner. We headed to Morton's in Downtown. We had early reservations so it was not crowded at all. We sat down at the table and the hostess handed us out menus and low and behold they had our name on them. Awwee how sweet!
  We then proceed to order some drinks.  Yes that's a grape garnish!
 From there our rather funny waiter gave us the down low on the menu and we ordered our dinner. The hostess came back and took our picture with her own camera. (I thought stalker? No can't be but what?). We get this super cute keepsake! 
On to dinner. OMG best steak ever!  It was the cajun style ribeye. Yum-o!!!! We had onion rings and au gratin potatoes making leftovers for lunch the next day delish!! I am bummed I forgot to take pics of dessert. Prolly because I was so excited to dive in. Chocolate cake with yummy chocolate sauce the oozed out of the middle when you dove in!  Yummy!! 

And with that - I am sad its all gone!! But what a great Anniversary dinner we had!! Great food, wonderful conversation and the best date ever - my hubby!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Shenans!!

This past weekend was mellow but busy.  We laid low on Friday night- which was very nice.  Saturday the Hubs and I had a meeting to attend (there will hopefully be more on this later).  Then we took the kids with both sets of Grandparents to the Pumpkin Patch.  We have been to the same patch for the last two years.  Typically we go during the week - however going on a Saturday afternoon left for some shock and awe about how busy it was!!  Holy smokes there was a line to even get in the place, parking in the north 40 and a little tram that looked like pumpkin carts to haul us back and forth.  While in the pumpkin patch Kid Clammy was in heaven, he got to pet animals, go thru the hay maze multiple times, ride some 4 wheel bike like things, play on play structures, play with big and little tractors and swing.  The pumpkin patch is part of a working dairy farm so there is a hay ride that tours said farm.  They take you right through the middle of the cow pens where so many of the cows are prego.  They talk about the prego cows, when they are due etc, and if you are lucky you get to see a baby cow.  Saturday was our lucky day...we got to see a baby cow born that morning.  The cow was not even 8 hours old.  Super cute little cow was still wobbly on its legs.  The rest of the day was pretty mellow - just dinner and hanging at home.  Sunday the hubs went into work so the kids and I plus Mema (my mom) went to have their pictures taken in their Halloween costumes. I gave a couple haircuts did some cleaning and the rest is history!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!
This is a profile shot of Kid Clammy with a nice goose egg in the middle of his forehead.  Yes this happened before pictures.


Pumpkin Patch Fun!!

Sami's Shenanigans

Monday, October 14, 2013

Seven and Twelve

Happy Anniversary to Us!!  Seven years ago today I was getting ready to walk do the aisle to marry the love of my life!  Even rain and a cast on his foot couldn't keep us from getting married.  While we have had our ups and down the good definitely out weighs the bad.  I love him with all my heart!! He is an awesome husband and an amazing father!!  Here's to many more years together!!


Seven - Years Married
Twelve - Years Together
Two - Wonderful Kiddos
One - Crazy Dog
Countless - Great Memories

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Friday

Dear Friday - once again welcome back! So good to see you!  You mean the end of the work week and the beginning of another great weekend I am sure!  Dear Hubby-exciting things are coming our way I can just feel it.  We have been down a very long and bumpy road and I look forward to our future!! We are approaching our 7 year marriage anniversary and our 12 years of being together anniversary.  I know it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows but the good sure does trump the bad!! I Love You!!  Dear Kiddos - you make our world so much better - Sissy that smile you give could melt even the worst of heart and Kid Clammy you very well could have a future as a stand up comic!  Dear Future - I am hoping and praying that the light at the end of the tunnel is really getting closer and it's not just my imagination!!  Dear Fellow Bloggers - You are all so amazing in your own different way and I love it!!

Here is a Partial High Five on Friday to boot -

1. Taking the Kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend...

2.  Taking the kids to get their pictures done in their Halloween costumes this weekend!  
Screaming Owl
3.  These adorable hats came in for the kids to wear.  Don't worry - Kid Clammy's doesn't have bows! 

Well 3 outta 5 not too bad!!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wine and Canvas

So last night I attended a Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk fundraiser that a few of my friends were hosting. It was called Wine and Canvas. I went in with an open mind because I am an artist in training not super crafty, the only drawing I do is stick figures and even those are terrible so painting is non existent. I so did not get the talent from my mom!  Let me tell you though about my experience. 
You start with a blank canvas like this 
some paints and an instructor. Oh let's not forget the wine and friends. There is a finished canvas at the front and all of us at the table were looking at it going "yeah that is so going to NOT happen".  So the instructor starts teaching how to do the sunset first all the while talking about loose wrists, knife edge and some other stuff that we of course resorted back to our 6th grade mature selves and did not laugh giggle or comment at all. 
Please excuse the runs. He was talking about adding water to the paint and apparently I was over zealous!!  Luckily for me it was covered up by the painting of the actual blue water. Guess that's why you start with the light color first. It was funny because for someone like me who is not visual I kept looking at it thinking this looks awful. 

Here I am adding the water. Although by now everyone was painting there sun. Oops got a little behind but I made up for it. 

Now working on the palm trees or disco sticks as I first called them.

Painting palate!

Working on the trees!!

The finished product!!

I was actually impressed with myself for how the whole thing turned out.  The trees made all the difference. All in all it was a fun night with great friends.  Check out and see if you have one of these in your area - it was a lot of fun!!

Until next time...