Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanking My Lucky Stars

So I was going to do a post about my weekend but I wanted to share something else instead because I was thanking my lucky stars yesterday!  (I always try to thank them because I have a lot to be thankful for but yesterday was even more so).
Last Wednesday my parents took off on a trip.  They were headed to Lake Havasu for a car run.  They were about two hours out of town when my dad's "hot rod" as Kid Clammy calls it broke down.  Thankfully they were near some friends who lived close and my dad tried to fix what he thought was broken but was unable too.  Instead he borrowed the friends truck and trailer brought home his"hot rod" and took mine instead.  We have this joke that my "hot rod" is the reliable one that doesn't let us down.
They had a great trip until they were on their way home.  They were about 2 hours away from home when the truck sputtered a little bit.  A little while later my mom thought she smelled smoke.  My dad of course thought she was being crazy.  But low and behold pretty soon there was smoke in the cab of the truck.  My dad then realized it was on fire.  He quickly pulled over - took the special bra off the front opened up the hood and proceeded to smother the fire out with some towels.  It really could have been a lot worse but I am thanking my lucky stars because of the fact that my parents are OK.  They were not hurt or anything.  My dad's quick thinking on his toes kept the fire from burning the truck down and keeping him and my mom from getting hurt.  This really could have been a lot worse - and when I got the phone call from my mom - hearing her hysterically crying on the other end I was scared to death.  Yes the truck was hurt and needs to be fixed but I am so thankful that my parents were not hurt.  The truck is just a truck. Yes it has sentimental value but my parents mean way more to me.  So the stars were aligned just right that nothing worse happened and they made it home safe and sound.  A little scared but still safe and that has me thanking my lucky stars.
Below are some pictures of the aftermath. 

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