Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hey Friends!! Happy Weekday!!!  

Man o man am I lame!! I was all excited to come back to this space - and then I spaced and haven't been back in forever!!!  

Today though I am back - and one of the main reason's why I am back is to share with you about BurgaBox!  Have you heard of it?  This is not a paid ad - I just think ya'll should try it at least once!!  I came across this from Christina over at Carolina Charm.  When I first looked into I passed because the shipping was too high for me.  However recently they started offering free shipping so I went for it.

I order the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot burger, the buffalo blue fries and pulled pork mac n' cheese!! You guys I kid you not it was so much food and so amazing!!!

They send you everything you need to make / assemble this delicious feast!!  

I just had to stop in and share!!!

Check them out...


Friday, February 17, 2017

Welcome Back

It's been too long since I have been in this space. I have missed it. At one time I found to be rather therapeutic to write on this space though I don't consider myself a particularly great or even good writer. But I realized that I am here for a way to release, calm my heart and mind. I hope to return here more regularly but as most know the "hobbies" that we have can easily get put to the back burner when life gets busy, complicated or overwhelming. But with the new year being here and me feeling a little lost I am turning to this space for some help. I hope to be able to put my life and feelings into words to help me grow, reflect, look back, and enjoy. I hope that you will join me on this journey as well!!!