Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dress Up

Today I am linking up with Julie for the Halloween Costume link up. 

This year we have Lightening MacQueen and Minnie Mouse.  

We have had two chances to practice Trick or Treating - and while Kid Clammy had it down pat already last year - Sissy got the hang of it really quick this year!! They are ready!! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Letter to your Younger Self

Dear 10 year old self - Don't be in such a hurry to grow up.  Enjoy life!!  Being a grown up is highly over rated.

Dear 18 year old self - Let loose a little!!  Good job on ignoring the high school drama but you don't have to be so caught up in that older boyfriend.  Enjoy high school as much as you can - don't be so afraid of your mom - she acts tough but will always love you no matter what!   Be better about your money - no credit cards - Save / Save / Save!!

Dear 21 year old self - Keep living it up!! Now is the time to do it!!  Get rid of those credit cards and keep Saving Saving Saving!! Learn to be better with your money!!  For the love of Pete - finish your teaching credential RIGHT AWAY!!  You can go to beauty school later!!

Dear 30 year old self - Don't be so afraid of change.  Do big things - make big things happen - don't let fear and self doubt stand in your way!!  GET IT DONE!!

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Favorite book

Good Morning Monday!!  Blah!! Why did you have to come so quickly?  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!  

I am catching up from one of the weekend posts....My Favorite Book.  While I don't think I could pick just one favorite (I am way too indecisive for that).  I will share a couple with you.  

Anything by Nicholas Sparks and the Harry Potter Books!!  Love! Love! Love!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favorite instagram editing apps

Here are a few of my favorite editing apps for the Insta!


I like this one because there are times where my photos are square and fit in those little grids lines so this app makes that happen!

Repost & Regram

I like this one because it allows me to repost something I like easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey!

A Beautiful Mess 

This is a fun one because you can add words / borders /etc nice and easy!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves - we all have them, they are all different, some are silly, some are pretty serious - but none the less they exist.  I have a few - probably more if I really sat down and thought about it for a long long period of time...but for now here are a few...

**People who drive less than the speed limit in the fast lane  - Its called fast lane for a reason people

**People who talk on their phones in the public bathroom stall - I am trying to pee here and you are breaking my concentration.

**Customers from work who call back without listening to their voice mail - no sir I don't know who called you because there are quite a few options!  Well ma'am if you would have listened to your message you would know your order is ready for pick up!

**Customers from work who think that because I am a girl in a typical mans business I must be dumb and not know what I am talking about.  I only play dumb because I don't want to help you rude arse!

  Helene in Between Blogtober

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Biggest Fear

Day 20. Your biggest fear

Good morning blog friends! Hope you all had a fan-tab-u-lous weekend.  Ours was good - busy - but good.  I have been slacking on my #blogtober posts and while I am sorry about that and I have missed it - it just wasn't in the cards for me to get posts done!  Today is a new day and here I am again trying at least!!  Today we are talking about our biggest fear.  Mine has really changed over the years.  From snakes and spiders to dying and a bunch of different things in between.  But now that I am a mom my fear has changed. My biggest fear is now the fear of out living my children.  I read all these sad stories about parents losing their kids to cancer or something else and my heart breaks.  I never want to imagine or live a life where my child is not here with us on Earth anymore.  Yes I know one day we will all get our angel wings, but I don't want that to be any time soon!!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Favorite quote (s)

I was perusing through my Pinterest for some pictures of my favorite quotes.  I often suffer from being indecisive so I couldn't pick just one.  Most of them speak for themselves.  

This I have to remember on a daily basis - as I have a hubby and two kids - plus crazy customers at work!

My Grandma used to say this.

This was another Grandma saying - I have great memories of her saying it every time we saw here.  Even better is hearing my Dad say it now.  Nothing better than a Dad telling you (or your kids) he loves you and what makes it more special is I see my Grandma every time he says it!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Favorite Fall recipe

I totally stole this recipe from Christina, at Carolina Charm.
I haven't tried it yet - but it sounds delish and I am looking forward to trying it

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Friday, October 10, 2014

I never thought blogging would... so stinking hard so fun so time-consuming such a good outlet
...allow me to journal my life in such a fun way
...allow me read and follow such AMAZING and FUNNY people

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Memories #TBT

When I was a kid I can remember how much I loved to dress up and go Trick or Treating.  Back in the day my mom and or Grandma (I think) would make and or buy some really great costumes!! I loved Halloween.  Once I hit high school and after I somewhat lost the love for it.  I did really love to go to the local haunted houses that we would have.  Well into adulthood we have had some and attended some Halloween parties but once the kiddos came around the love for dressing up (the kids at least) came back.  Now onto sharing some photos for your view pleasure...

This was the time I dressed up as a Brownie - oh wait that really happened - and then I sold cookies!

That time I dressed up as a lion - oh wait nope that's my real hair (on a daily basis)

The one time I dressed up as a cheerleader - oh wait I really was a cheerleader. 

This was the last time I had dressed up for Halloween...any guesses?  It was a terrible costume but it was all I could muster since I had Kid Clammy 8 weeks before!  This was a party we had at our house!  It was a great night - bad costume and all!

When we had kids, Halloween took on a whole new meaning.  Not going to lie - still love the fact that candy is involved, but we also have carnivals, pumpkin patches, trick or treating with other little friends and the spirit of fun and family came rushing back.  I love to dress the kids up for Halloween.  Here are some of years past...

And there you have it - some great and a really bad costume!!  

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello 44

Day 8. Letter To Yourself in 10 Years

Dear 44 Year Old Self, 

Welcome to the millionaire club!! (hey a girl can dream right).  On a serious note - congrats on being married for 18 years (or 3-4 to Carl Edwards ;-) - I kid I kid - sort of).  you picked a good one (either way).  Hopefully you enjoyed that 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii and are planning a spectacular 20 year trip.  

Your kids are now well on their way to junior high and high school (how did that happen?).  Hopefully Kid Clammy hasn't become a baby daddy yet - don't forget to teach him about "no glove no love".  The kids are fabulous - smart mouth teenagers that make you want to drink on the daily - but that's ok because at least once a day they do or say something that makes your heart smile and your job as a mom just got less frustrating for 5 whole minutes!  Just remind them - that you aren't afraid to chaperone that homecoming dance and will embarrass the crap out of them!  

 Remember to keep not sweating the small stuff.  Time sure does go by way too fast - so remember that and embrace it!!  All in all with all the stupid crap aside you have a great life! !Love it, embrace it, do something spontaneous every so often and don't forget to tell your loved ones you love them!

Helene in Between Blogtober

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Good Morning!! I am a sucker for a good vacation (I really don't think we have ever had a bad one).  Growing up we went house boating every year with family and friends.  We have taken road trips, plane trips, close to home trips and far away trips.  I have been lucky enough to travel to many States and countries!  By far as of now my favorite it tied between a couple.  The time I spent 3 weeks in Spain (and got to see part of France including the Eiffel Tower), our latest road trip to Texas and our honeymoon.  For our honeymoon we went to the beautiful island of Maui.  Just me and the hubby away from life for a whole week - it was delightful.  We snorkled, swan, relaxed, ate, drank, shopped, and did other fun touristy stuff.  We took the road to Hana, rode quads, went to a Luau and just had an all around great time!! 

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