Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves - we all have them, they are all different, some are silly, some are pretty serious - but none the less they exist.  I have a few - probably more if I really sat down and thought about it for a long long period of time...but for now here are a few...

**People who drive less than the speed limit in the fast lane  - Its called fast lane for a reason people

**People who talk on their phones in the public bathroom stall - I am trying to pee here and you are breaking my concentration.

**Customers from work who call back without listening to their voice mail - no sir I don't know who called you because there are quite a few options!  Well ma'am if you would have listened to your message you would know your order is ready for pick up!

**Customers from work who think that because I am a girl in a typical mans business I must be dumb and not know what I am talking about.  I only play dumb because I don't want to help you rude arse!

  Helene in Between Blogtober

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