Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Memories #TBT

When I was a kid I can remember how much I loved to dress up and go Trick or Treating.  Back in the day my mom and or Grandma (I think) would make and or buy some really great costumes!! I loved Halloween.  Once I hit high school and after I somewhat lost the love for it.  I did really love to go to the local haunted houses that we would have.  Well into adulthood we have had some and attended some Halloween parties but once the kiddos came around the love for dressing up (the kids at least) came back.  Now onto sharing some photos for your view pleasure...

This was the time I dressed up as a Brownie - oh wait that really happened - and then I sold cookies!

That time I dressed up as a lion - oh wait nope that's my real hair (on a daily basis)

The one time I dressed up as a cheerleader - oh wait I really was a cheerleader. 

This was the last time I had dressed up for Halloween...any guesses?  It was a terrible costume but it was all I could muster since I had Kid Clammy 8 weeks before!  This was a party we had at our house!  It was a great night - bad costume and all!

When we had kids, Halloween took on a whole new meaning.  Not going to lie - still love the fact that candy is involved, but we also have carnivals, pumpkin patches, trick or treating with other little friends and the spirit of fun and family came rushing back.  I love to dress the kids up for Halloween.  Here are some of years past...

And there you have it - some great and a really bad costume!!  

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