Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals

May's Goals...

1. Celebrate Mother's Day - hosting brunch for all the special mom's in our lives. 

2. Celebrate the Hubby's birthday (already able to cross this off the list)

3. Read at least one more book - I am about 70% done with the two that I am reading right now.  

4.  Work in Kid Clammy's classroom 1 morning this month

Dang - I went 3 for 4 this month!!  Yeah Me!! I think the key is to set the goals lower so its easier to achieve!!!  

Moving on to June goals...I can't beleive it is June already - I know I say that every month - but we are in month 6 of a the 12 month year - holy cow that was fast!!  

For this month...

1. Celebrate Father's day 

2. Celebrate Kid Clammy's last day of preschool - he is on to TK next year

3. Work on back patio - we have started this but there is still a ways to go - so if we can get half way done this month that will be awesome!

4. Finish both books that I am reading right now and start a new one!!

I think I am going to stick with 4 this month and see what happens!! 

Happy June!!!