Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anniversary Dinner

Monday night was the hubs and mine 7 year wedding anniversary. So we got my parents to watch the kiddos got ourselves gussied up ( I am talking about actually wearing make up, heels and something that didn't involve t-shirt and jeans) and went to a fancy smancy dinner. We headed to Morton's in Downtown. We had early reservations so it was not crowded at all. We sat down at the table and the hostess handed us out menus and low and behold they had our name on them. Awwee how sweet!
  We then proceed to order some drinks.  Yes that's a grape garnish!
 From there our rather funny waiter gave us the down low on the menu and we ordered our dinner. The hostess came back and took our picture with her own camera. (I thought stalker? No can't be but what?). We get this super cute keepsake! 
On to dinner. OMG best steak ever!  It was the cajun style ribeye. Yum-o!!!! We had onion rings and au gratin potatoes making leftovers for lunch the next day delish!! I am bummed I forgot to take pics of dessert. Prolly because I was so excited to dive in. Chocolate cake with yummy chocolate sauce the oozed out of the middle when you dove in!  Yummy!! 

And with that - I am sad its all gone!! But what a great Anniversary dinner we had!! Great food, wonderful conversation and the best date ever - my hubby!!

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