Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Friday

Dear Friday - once again welcome back! So good to see you!  You mean the end of the work week and the beginning of another great weekend I am sure!  Dear Hubby-exciting things are coming our way I can just feel it.  We have been down a very long and bumpy road and I look forward to our future!! We are approaching our 7 year marriage anniversary and our 12 years of being together anniversary.  I know it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows but the good sure does trump the bad!! I Love You!!  Dear Kiddos - you make our world so much better - Sissy that smile you give could melt even the worst of heart and Kid Clammy you very well could have a future as a stand up comic!  Dear Future - I am hoping and praying that the light at the end of the tunnel is really getting closer and it's not just my imagination!!  Dear Fellow Bloggers - You are all so amazing in your own different way and I love it!!

Here is a Partial High Five on Friday to boot -

1. Taking the Kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend...

2.  Taking the kids to get their pictures done in their Halloween costumes this weekend!  
Screaming Owl
3.  These adorable hats came in for the kids to wear.  Don't worry - Kid Clammy's doesn't have bows! 

Well 3 outta 5 not too bad!!



K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Love the owl hat! I'm making a few my kiddies and thinking of crocheting one for myself too. We still haven't made it to the pumpkin patch or to pick out costumes for the kids yet.

Elise @ cheers yall said...

that owl hat is the cutest thing i've ever seen! ADORABLE!

found you on the linkup! yay!!!