Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wine and Canvas

So last night I attended a Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk fundraiser that a few of my friends were hosting. It was called Wine and Canvas. I went in with an open mind because I am an artist in training not super crafty, the only drawing I do is stick figures and even those are terrible so painting is non existent. I so did not get the talent from my mom!  Let me tell you though about my experience. 
You start with a blank canvas like this 
some paints and an instructor. Oh let's not forget the wine and friends. There is a finished canvas at the front and all of us at the table were looking at it going "yeah that is so going to NOT happen".  So the instructor starts teaching how to do the sunset first all the while talking about loose wrists, knife edge and some other stuff that we of course resorted back to our 6th grade mature selves and did not laugh giggle or comment at all. 
Please excuse the runs. He was talking about adding water to the paint and apparently I was over zealous!!  Luckily for me it was covered up by the painting of the actual blue water. Guess that's why you start with the light color first. It was funny because for someone like me who is not visual I kept looking at it thinking this looks awful. 

Here I am adding the water. Although by now everyone was painting there sun. Oops got a little behind but I made up for it. 

Now working on the palm trees or disco sticks as I first called them.

Painting palate!

Working on the trees!!

The finished product!!

I was actually impressed with myself for how the whole thing turned out.  The trees made all the difference. All in all it was a fun night with great friends.  Check out and see if you have one of these in your area - it was a lot of fun!!

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K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I definitely want to attend one of these wine and canvas classes. They look and sound like so much fun. Think that I may try to organize one for next year for Breast Cancer Awareness month.