Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life Be Gettin' Real

That title sounded way more cool and gangster in my head! Oh well. So yes I know life has already been real I mean married with two kids – yeah that life sh%t got real a long time about. But it’s about to get even more real and more crazy. No no no – stop that train of thought on the tracks right now – I am not having another baby. For goodness sakes!! The hubby and I bought a house. For the last two years we have been living with my parents in order to save money to buy a house here in this crazy expensive town of San Diego.
The house hunting was a crazy roller coaster ride – so many ups and downs (highs & lows) that it was almost too much to handle. We looked for a house for just over a year, put in numerous offers, got shot down numerous times until FINALLY we found one. A fixer upper none the less but a house to call and make our own. Any who – we are set to close escrow next week and I am starting to freak out a bit A LOT!! YIKES. The idea of remodeling projects, painting, moving, updating, unpacking, mortgage payment, utility bills, and so on and so forth all while working and raising two kids!! DOUBLE YIKES!! Talk about system overload!! The fact that we are down to crunch time and it is all about to be very real is freaking me out!!
With that being said I guess I better pull up my big girls panties and get to crack-a-lackin’
Here is the start to my list so far...
Remodel Bath
New Windows & Doors
Move & Replace Water Heater
New Carpet
Fix Misc Electrical
Tent for Termites
Wish us luck!! We are probably going to need it!!

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