Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Holy Moly It's Septmeber

August Goals

Pay it forward - buy someones Starbucks, pay for their lunch - something! Did this at Starbucks.

Take a girls trip - I am totally cheating on this because it is already planned and in the works. However its not complete until I am home safe and sounds and refrained from smacking a bitch on the trip.  We had a great time on our girls trip.  It was much needed and virtually drama free!

Finish / Make Progress on some of this items above - This has been left over from the past few months.  While I got a few things done, some progress made on others there is still a ways to go!

Celebrate Birthdays - August has a lot of birthdays so we will be celebrating our moms, sisters, and probably a few others! Check mate - both our mom's enjoyed their days, the sisters, and sister in law as well! Happy Birthday month to all them!

September Goals

Celebrate Kid Clammy's Birthday -I can't believe that is is 4 already.  Time sure does go way to fast!

Celebrate my birthday - I am turning thirty something this year and while I don't have to celebrate my birthday for a month (my Mother in Law does this and I think its great), some years I am ok if my birthday passes by unnoticed and other years I am ok making a to-do about this.  This year I am still on the fence about my birthday.  

Sand Sports Super Show  - This is a big deal in our next of the woods.  This year is even more special because the raffle car that the hubby built is being raffled off on the Sunday of the show.  This has been huge exposure for him and I really hope that it helps his business continue to grow!

And because this month already seems to be overwhelming me - I am going to stick with these 3 goals and see what happens!

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