Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Challenge

So I was dropping Kid Clammy off at school today and was thinking – wow these mom’s must think I am a total bitch!  Here’s why I say that – I don’t talk to any of them – but not because I am a Bitch but because I am shy and scared.  Meeting new people for me is really super awkward.  My friends and family that I know – no big deal – I talk, I laugh so on and so forth.  But new people that is scary as hell to me.  Since I am so shy and so introverted I find it very hard to just strike up a conversation with a new person – especially one I might be seeing on a daily basis.  I mean for goodness sakes – I was walking behind a mom today (she even held a door open – of course I said thank you) but I walked all the way behind her to the car and never said a word.  I know that I could have said, “how are you?” for starters – but no just walked staring at the back of her head!  So I am challenging myself to take baby steps out of my box of shyness.  Each day when I drop Kid Clammy off at school I want to say hi to at least one parent I may see that their son or daughter is in his class.  So here goes nothing…starting Thursday of course!

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