Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday...

It's been a hot minute since I blogged but hey such is life!!

1. Today is a very special is my families adoption anniversary. Today 34 years ago my parents brought me home for the first time!  I was adopted. Given up by a brave young girl I found the perfect home!  I am one lucky girl!

2. Paid it forward today and bought the coffee for the woman in line behind me. 

3.  Our elf on the shelf is back. So far not too much trouble but today they were having a picnic. 

4.  Last weekend for Thanksgiving we went to the is a picture of my hubby jumping one of the cars he built.  

5.  My mom's Christmas Tree - She is amazing!!!  This is here Mickey and Minnie tree (this is one of many themes she has to choose from).  

Happy Friday!!

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