Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cheers Not Jeers

Linking up today for the first time to share some of my favorite bloggers.
I am sure that you already know of this blogger.  Erin @ Living In Yellow.  If you do you know how fabulous she really is.  She is funny, has a great love for Mac n’ Cheese and Guilana Rancic, and she has  great fashion sense.  She is one of the first blogs I came across and is someone who inspired me to start a blog.  Check her out if you haven’t already.  I could only hope to be even half the blogger that she is one day!


Also I would like you to meet Stormy from Life’s a Dance.  What first attracted me to her blog is her name (I mean it’s not common and I like that) and the name of her blog.  Every time I read it a certain song pops into my head and puts a smile on my face.  She is a new mommy of the cutest lil guy so stop by and check her out!  You won’t be disappointed!!
Cheers not Jeers

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