Monday, January 6, 2014

Shame on Me

Shame on me for being a bad blogger.  No posting for over 2 weeks!! I suck!!  I have every excuse in the world for why I haven't blogged - no time, busy holidays, being out of town for 5 days, work, kids, getting a cold and so on and so forth!!  I have been having so many ideas go through my mind with what I have wanted to post. For instance a Christmas recap, a DIY post, a post about resolutions, and some other stuff!  Until then - a recap of our weekend!  House, House, House - nothing but house all weekend.  We made some good progress - I even pitched in and did more manual labor than I would have liked.  As of late Sunday afternoon - there is some drywall and insulation back up in the ceiling, I prepped the bedrooms so they were ready for texture, primer and paint.  The texture has been done - shout out to Uncle!!
Drywall waiting to be installed

One of the rooms textured - check out that ceiling fan - yeah that going to be replaced with a new free one!!

Put my chop saw skills to work!

Supervisor Extraordinaire

What happens after the chop saw skills are put to work!

Happy Monday!!
Showered With Design

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