Friday, January 24, 2014

High Five for Friday - Mom of Boy Edition

Normally I post about the weekend and such but today I got something a little different up my sleeve.  The other day I was reading a guest blog post on A Sorta Fairytale and it was about how you know you're a mom of a boy. So I was inspired for this weeks High Five for Friday on the five things that remind me I am a mom of a boy. 

Being a mom of a boy brings many interesting things to life

1) Injuries - see pictures. They seem to mainly happen to his head/face. Anyone who knows my son is not surprised by this at all. He is extremely active and a daredevil at that.  He is usually pretty tough and has a brush it off approach so when he cries I know he is really hurting.  

This nose injury happened last night - he was running, tripped and smacked square into the edge of  a chair.

Here he busted his head open at about 18 months (for the second time).  No stitches just glue and not tears shed while doing it.  He was actually sleeping.  

2) Adventure - At three and a half he has started riding his "big" quad at the desert. He usually rides around a little track however he is ready to adventure into the dunes (this came after his first time riding). This mamma though not quite ready for that. 

3) Attitude - This boy of mine has a eye roll like no other.  He has an angry face and grunt when he gets mad and sometimes the things that he says leaves me wondering where in world he comes up with this stuff. Like the day when our convo went like this:  Kid Clammy "Mom I want to go to Grammy's (as we were driving in the car to Grammy's) Me: " We are going to Grammy's"  Kid Clammy: "This is not the way to Grammy's"  Me: "Yes it is" Lucas: "ok calm down sunshine".

4) Boy Toys - Monster Trucks of all sizes and names (Grave Digger, Capatin's Curse, Monster Mutt you name it we got it), Matchbox Cars and Hot Wheels - so many makes and models, Jake and the Neverland Pirate toys, Legos, and so much more.  

Now this is an extra large version of some of the monster trucks we have at home.

5) A Big Heart - Even when he is being a monster (thank you terrible three's) he can have the biggest heart of anyone.  The random - "I missed you today" or "I love you", when he says grace at the table ("thank you for the food Baby Jesus Amen"), when he wants to help you mop, vacuum, unload the car, or help cook dinner.  Hugging and Loving on his sister (then picking on her next)  He really can be a sweetheart!

Have a good weekend!!

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