Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Another edition of 5 on Friday!  So happy it's Friday, so happy to be linking up, so happy I got three posts in this week! Self high five!

1) Kid Clammy started preschool last week and well let's just say while I am super sad my boy is growing way too fast I am super excited about the art work that is coming home!  (I meant to take a picture to share - but forgot #momfail)

2) Sissy turned 11 months this week!  Again with the time going too fast!  

3) Mixed emotions about this California weather. While I am glad that I am not suffering with snow and -50 degrees. I am a little bummed to have not been able to break out more scarves and ugg boots! However today I am rocking some comfy clothes because its Friday - and why not?

(I promise my pants really are all black - not sure what happened in the picture)

4) More work on the house this weekend - I wish it was just done already but that's not the reality.  But more work means that much closer.  I was hoping to move in before the end of the month but well let's just say hope and reality are really two different things!

5) I made this chalkboard sign for fun things, firsts, lasts etc.  I think I need to repaint to a the black chalkboard at this grey is a little hard to read!  But it is one of my first DIY and I am happy with how it turned out!

Happy Friday!! Have a great Weekend!!

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