Thursday, January 16, 2014

Funny, Weird, Random – not really sure?

So there are some sayings I have heard that I don’t really “get”, there are some that I love and use quite often and there are some things that have happened that I wonder – am I the only one who thinks this is strange?  So here is a post about some major randomness floating around in my head. 

First off the company I work for –the founder used to say – “Live and Learn and Die Dumb”  I happen to use this saying all the time but I really don’t get it!  Another of my favs “if you see a bucket of shit don’t stir it”.  Now this I totally get and try to live by as often as I can – but sometimes I just can’t help myself and I am stirring away just to see what will happen.  Or how about “finer than a frogs hair split 10 ways”  Really?  I didn’t even know frogs have hair – or do they?  

Ok the other thing – when you are giving numbers to people – for instance paying with a credit card over the phone do you say – one / two / three / four (1234) or do you say twelve thirty four?  For me I much prefer one-two-three-four because then I don’t have to think about what numbers make up twelve and thirty four. 
My job consists of a lot of talking on the phone – I mean A LOT!! (I answer phones as part of my job).  So here is the thing –sometimes customers call and yell and scream and aren’t very nice.  They can forget that I am the one that really has to help them get to the person they need to speak with so they really should be nice to me.  Then there are the ones who feel the need to tell you their entire life story.  I mean we are talking 2-3 minutes of time that I cannot get back – all when they could have just said – can I speak with so-in-so.  Hopefully they feel better now after getting it all off their chest. 

Toilet Paper - over or under?  Does it really matter?

Kleenex box in the back window of a car – how do you reach it if your are driving and have to sneeze or have a booger? 

Ok that’s all for today – see like a said totally random!!

A random picture of Kid Clammy to go with my random post!!

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