Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday...

1.  Christmas in January.  We all know the holidays are busy, busy, busy and fitting everyone in is just plain hard sometimes!! This year we had Christmas in January with my Bestie and her fam.  They came over for dinner, we visited, caught up, the kids played and opened some presents.

2.  Monster Trucks are in town for their first of two shows this month.  We took the kids to see Monster Mutt Rottweiler last night!

3.  Sissy has been sick this week so one day she had to accompany me to work (no daycare due to fever and Mema & Grandpa were out of town)

4.  A selfie before school just because!

5. (this get two because well - why not)  Someone was excited about her new rain boots!!  Also Hubbster and I had a date night last Friday which required cocktails and sequin shoes.  

Happy Friday!!!

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