Monday, April 13, 2015


Yes - that is not a typo in the title...instead of Monday- we are calling it Liceday!!  That's right we have been plagued with the Lice bugs and I may just be losing what marbles I had left over it!!

We found them a week ago last Saturday...and since then there has been lice treatments, many many many loads of laundry, lots of tears (mostly mine), lots of combing, one shaved head, stress and wondering if each itch is a lice itch or just an itch.

Because the over the counter treatments have so many toxins in them we have been doing other stuff to make sure that anything living dies!!

We did one night of olive oil and shower cap while sleeping and the next night mayonnaise and shower cap.

I just want to make sure that anything possibly breathing dies!!

We also use that special comb to get the eggs out.  Just when I think we must have gotten the last possible egg...we find another one.  However as of today - I think we are finally good to go!! Just to be sure I will still be "nit" combing their until until the day they move out and throwing a mayo treatment in there a time or too as well!!  

On the plus side - you can see by the pictures below- the kids were obviously not as bothered by it as I was!!

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