Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Goals

For March...

1. Finish both books I am currently reading.  This one gets a half check - because I made progress on one - and finished the other!!!  

This my friends was a great book.  My bestie bought it for me for Christmas and I KNOW it is one I will read again!!

2. Host some friends for dinner - EPIC FAIL...man this month just slipped by!!  

3.  Organize my life - house, schedule, budget you name it I need to get working on it!! - This one also gets a partial check off - because I did in fact make progress!

4. Take some me time - this involves - getting my hair did, a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed!  Check mate on this!! I did in fact get my hair did, I got a pedi with my bestie along with an eyebrow was - which I am regretting that one!!  The eyebrow did not go as planned - so much for "cleaning the up" she practically took them clean off!!  Yes I am over exaggerating a bit - BUT STILL!!


For this month...even though its about half over so by now I am not setting my heights too high...

1. Get items ready for garage sale next month

2. Celebrate a family who is moving out of state (kind of a given that we already RSVP'd to the party - but I feel productive this way

3. It's my month to host Bunco - so here's to having a successful night with good friends and good food.

4.  Finish my left over book from March...according to my kindle I am 80% of the way through...and I have another book I want to start.  I am finding it's hard to read two at a time!  

5.  Call regarding some home bills (cable, internet etc...) and see about how to save money

Not keeping it to hard this month!!


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