Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello Monday - You are my Favorite Day (said me - NEVER!!).

The weekend as per usual flew by!  We had a good productive weekend for the most part!

Friday Night - We stayed in because the hubby was working on the house.  He and a few others busted some tail and got the kitchen cabinets installed.  I heart them!!

Saturday - the hubby left to go out of town until Sunday afternoon and Kid Clammy was off to Tia's House for the day to visit.  Sissy was supposed to go but she woke up with a fever from her cold she has been fighting off and on since Christmas so she stayed home with me.  We packed up some boxes, cleaned some things up, made some tie blankets for a baby and Kid Clammy's bed.
I had to share this picture because apparently I have been eating oatmeal all wrong.  It's better to drink it!

Sunday - We hung around the house in the morning, Kid Clammy and I went to a friend's house so he could play and I could babysit for a little bit, then I had to take Sissy to the doctors - ear infection along with her cold.  She is such a good sport and really you wouldn't know anything is wrong with her.  Luckily her fever was gone by mid morning!  Also I have to brag - my mom made the birthday invites for her party - how cute are these?  I mean my mother is so gosh darn creative and talented!

We also got the first part of our wood floors installed. 

Dateless in Dallas


Ashley Elizabeth said...
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Ashley Elizabeth said...

I really love those cabinets! The color is beautiful.