Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five On Friday!

Linking up with the High Five on Friday Ladies today!

1) #TeamTeddy - I am all about helping spread awareness for things - especially when it comes to sweet little kiddos!! Teddy this is for you! Together we are helping to spread the word about Menkes Syndrome, also known as "kinky hair syndrome." (a rare genetic disease that affects approximately 1 in 450,000 male babies)

2) Two of the cutest Valentines I ever did see. 

3) Today is Friday.  Today is Valentine's Day.  I am a hopeless romantic.  I love the idea behind Valentine's Day.  I know some people hate it and I understand that some people think that it's better to give little surprises throughout the year instead of just one day.  So today I am wishing all you out there a Happy Valentine's Day!

4) Not only is today Valentine's Day but today is a very special birthday.  Today Sissy turns ONE!  ONE!!  I can hardly believe it.  Where has the last year gone?  It is a very bittersweet day for me,  While my heart is sad for the fact that she is one.  She is growing so fast and changing so much.  She is full on walking, wanting to eat on her own and become her own independent little girl.  She is still a blue eyed beauty.  She is sensitive and hates being told no!

5) A letter to my sweet baby girl!
My Dearest Olivia,
You bring so much joy to our lives. You are sweet as sassy all at the same time. Like love how you get so proud of yourself for doing something new. You are walking and babbling up a storm. You are starting to try new things like climbing. You love your older brother and are annoyed with him all at the same time. You are a Mommas girl and I am not complaining about that one bit!  I just simply can't believe that you are one. I love you more than you could ever know. Happy birthday baby girl!!

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