Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Years

So I know this is beyond late - but that's the story of my life right now.  Here is our New Year's recap.  And yes I know I am backwards and should be doing Christmas first but I am still waiting on a few pictures.  

We are desert people - heck it's what my hubby does for a living so it only fitting that we go to the desert for New Years.  This has been tradition for years now.  It's the one time during desert season that we usually get to spend at least 4-5 days there instead of just a quick weekend.  Over the years the people we camp with has changed, the things we do have changed (a lot) but the one thing that remains the same is we have fun.  It doesn't hurt that the sunsets are beautiful too!

Back in the day it was jello shots, shooting fire works at each other and things that I can't tell you about because I wouldn't want my kids to know.  Now it has become running up and down sand hills because its fun for the kids.

Celebrating Arizona New Year so you can go to bed an hour early.  This New Year's Trip we met up with some friends who were already there, the group rotated around.  Some went home before New Year's some came right before.  We stayed until New Year's day and had a great time.  

Olivia had her first buggy ride.  

Lucas had a blast riding his quad. For only being 3 I can't believe how much he rode and rode and rode!  He wore his new helmet and chest protector that Santa brought him. He rode around camp and the burm track some is the adults made. 

And this is what happens when your hubby decides to have cookies and milk for breakfast!

We had a great trip, no big problems to speak of!! 

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