Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap!

**I will admit right off the top I suffered from #picturefail all weekend and only took a few pics with my iPhone until we were driving home and I realized this so then I probably went overboard!!

We left Friday night after work and headed to Arizona.  For us the drive is typically 6 hours but I was unsure since we were traveling with kiddos.  We got lucky, the kids did great and we made it in just over 6 hours.

Saturday we visited with my cousin and his family.  They watched the kids for a few hours while we toured the private car collection.  From there we went back to our friend’s house where we hung out and relaxed.  Kid Clammy had a blast playing with their kids and the kids in the neighborhood. 

Saturday afternoon we loaded up the kids and flatbed trailer and drove about an hour and half north to pick up our counter tops then drove back to our friend’s house.  Another two hours in the car.  This made a great nap time for the kiddos.

Sunday morning we woke up had a little breakfast and loaded up and headed home – hence where the beginning of this post started.  I typically get carsick in the car from reading but I figured I would do what I could and when I started to get queasy I put it away. 

So overall it went like this:
Approx. 15 Hours Driving
4-5 Gas Stops
Visiting Friends and Family
Picking up Granite Counter Tops
1 Gallon of milk
Numerous Snacks (then spilled on the floor)
A few episodes on the Disney Junior App
Lots of cactus, trains and desert scenery
We made it to Arizona and back with both kids in tow. 

And now for the last minute pictures...
The outside of the private tour (no pics inside allowed)
The raffle car Hubby built outside where we  had the tour.  

Arizona Sky

Sand Dunes

How we got the granite home. 

We have bedroom & bathroom doors!


One of the few #fails - dropped Sissy's snacks all over the truck floor.  Oops! Sorry Sissy & Hubby!

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Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Road trips can be stressful! We drove with both kids from Southeast Idaho back to Seattle (which is 14 hours!) and it was... interesting. lol. Yay for technology, though. Definitely keeps them entertained!

Mama's Little Spoon said...

Found ya on the weekend recap link up. Love the color of your granite. That is going to look amazing! Props to you for a roadtrip with multiple kiddos as well. I only have one and it can be stressful so throw those roadtrip tips my way..ha!