Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five on Friday

Hello Friends!! Happy Friday! Hope you have a good week!! I am linking of with the ladies for another edition of High Five on Friday. 

1) This week was my first week of the Shakeology / Beach body Challenge. While I have a ways to ago and will have bumps in the road along the way I know that I am going to make progress. The fact that I worked out four days this week already is something for me to be proud of!

2) Tile floor has began being installed in the house - the progress continues. 

3) Our new windows - I just love them!!

4) The kids - I just love them!!
Kid Clammy helping me paint things for the new house.  

This is Sissy's face when she starts to cry because she is getting in trouble.  I told her she couldn't stand up in her bath tub - I am such a mean mom.  

5) It's Friday - Happy Dance - Happy Dance - Happy Dance!
Have a great weekend!!

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Ashley Elizabeth said...

Awesome job on the tile, it's looking great!