Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm Guilty

July 2nd: Guilty Pleasures - You know all those things that you really love but maybe don't want to admit that you really love.

Candy Crush & 2048 -I hate that I love them but I do.  I hate even more to admit it!
Starbucks - I love me a Starbucks and I could go there every day if the budget allowed but it doesn't.
Big Brother - my hubby hates it - he keeps telling me "you know you are rotting your brain by watching that right?"  Why yes dear I do but I love it anyway!

Drama - Here's the thing I don't like to be involved in it or have it be about me but I do love hearing about it.  I am sure that makes me a terrible terrible person - but so be it!  I don't even share the things that I hear - I think I just like to know that other people have problems - it's not just me!

Social Media - I probably spend way to much time looking at them (ok I know I do) between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - heaven forbid any thing else pops up - I don't think I could handle it!  I really should not look at them so much either - but I do!


K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

LOVE Big Brother - wish it came on every single night!

I should have added Starbucks to my list because I should be ashamed of how much $ I spend there - I just love it so much!

Living Out of Wedlock said...

This post is soooo relatable to a lot of ppl! Lol social media is one for me! Reality tv too!

Martha Woods said...

Love Starbucks (just not the prices, lol)

allieology said...

I can't get past 1024 on 2048 and I'm SO frustrated! And Big Brother, YES. But I'm not hooked this season yet and I'm worried I won't be. Although after tonight's episode I'm looking forward to tomorrow finally.