Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Loving on me...

July 29th: All About You - Tell us 5 things you love about yourself

This is such a strange topic for me.  Like most people I am my own worst enemy.  I have a really hard time finding things about myself that I like!

1) I am a good friend.  I do my best to lend an ear and or shoulder when needed, help out when I can - all that stuff that constitutes being  good friend.

2) I am a good mom.  I love me kiddos, I would do anything for them and the fact that I have kept them alive this long...I would say I got this in the bag!!

3) I am a hard worker (most of the time).  I pride myself on getting work done, doing a good job, being reliable and a good employee.

4) I am freaking hilarious! I am sure my hubby would disagree with me on this one - he only thinks I am funny some of the time - but I find myself to be a bit of a comedian really!  I am a smart-ass 99% of the time and I am so funny its funny!  LOL!

5) I have good hair!! When I actually style it, curl it etc - it looks pretty good!



kdhopwood said...

Good Hair? Hard Worker? Good Mom? Good Friend? Uh, you're awesome, Lady!!

Angie said...

I pat myself on the back for keeping my kids alive too :)

I WISH I had good hair. I hate my hair!

Ashley said...

My husband argues with my about how funny I am too ; )