Thursday, July 3, 2014

Comfort Zones

July 3rd: Update on Getting Uncomfortable in 2014 - What have you done out of your comfort zone this year?

Comfort Zones are a funny thing.  We usually all have them and are often afraid to step away from them - myself included.  I will be honest I haven't done much to step out of my comfort zone this year - maybe this will help inspire me or give me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone more often!

One thing that I did so was join an online challenge group to try and work my way to a healthier life style.  I had to take pictures (and not the flattering kind) and send to my coach.  Never in  a million years would I have thought I would've ever done that - but I did and I am hoping that down the road I will see the results and how far I came and be glad I took the pictures.  Along with those horrid pictures I would take pictures after my work out to show my fellow challengers.  I am by no means a fan of the selfie - but for your viewing pleasure (and a step out of my "zone") here ya go!

Oh oh oh I thought of something else.  I signed up as a coach for a health and fitness company.  For anyone who knows me would probably think what do you know about coaching health and fitness and they would be right.  But here is what I do know - I know that I need to learn more and work at it but I am willing to do that so that I can help others!! I love to help others - I am guilty of always putting others before myself.

Leading me to the next stepping out of my comfort zone - doing things for me!  I am the type of person that constantly puts others in front of me:  my hubby, my kids, my family, friends - even strangers at times.  But I have come to realize that sometimes if I don't put myself first then I won't be any good to those others I so dearly love!

Wow - that was surprising - for not thinking I step out of my comfort zone very often I came up with three things!  Go Me!!

Happy Thursday!!


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Cristen Blair said...

I think its amazing that you joined that online challenge! It can be uncomfortable to take pictures of where you are starting, but trust me, you will want to see those again when you take your "after" pics! Good luck to you! Im excited for you!