Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 31 - Blogging is Hard

July 31st: Blogging is Hard - We're all done! Now celebrate by telling us why blogging can be so hard sometimes!

Wow I can't believe that I made it thru the blog everyday in July challenge!  I managed to do all but 2 posts I think.  That is a monthly record for me right there!  A big thank you to the ladies for coming up with the great idea and the topics!

So why is blogging hard?  

Well we are going list mode again...

*Getting followers (You hope and wish that they will just magically appear, especially when you are following some awesome bloggers who have tons of followers but they don't just come.  I am learning it takes time - like ALOT of time! Not to mention you are secretly hoping that those awesome bloggers will one day follow you back!)

*Thinking of blog topics (my brain is only creative on Tuesday's and Thursday's so trying to think of other topics - well its like no existent!  I am only somewhat kidding)

*Worrying about what others are thinking ( I know this is silly but they idea that I may offend people or scare them away bothers me a little bit)

*Blogging regularly (This is hard for me.  Working full time, having a hubby, two kids, a house, this space (and my workouts) are the first things that go by the wayside!)

*Reading other blogs - (I love to read other blogs and comment when the time permits but sometimes its all I can do to get a post up and running for the day.)

*Staying true to yourself - (this kind of goes with the whole worrying about what others think - you still have to be true to who you are).

*Always including pictures and or gifs - (I am still learning how the whole gif thing works and sometimes or all the time I don't have time to edit my pictures (I know bad blogger) or my pics are on my phone.)

*Understanding the terminology - (meaning HTML, URL, codes etc...all that good stuff - heck I made a blog button but can't figure out how to get the code in the box)

Happy Last Day of July! I can't believe tomorrow is already August!

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