Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I hope no one saw that...

My most embarrassing moment -

Sure there have been many times where I have opened my mouth and instead of saying the right thing I have totally inserted a shoe store!

Then there was that one time at band camp...I kid, I kid!

So it starts like this...I was a cheerleader in high school.  

Oh the joys of being a high school cheerleader!

No this is not a story about the time I didn't wear my skivvies under my uniform because that never happened.

No this is the story about how we were all leaving the practice room and I ran out ahead of my friends. I had turned around and was running backwards calling to them "hey come on guys" when I turned around I ran right smack dab into a pole.  I am talking almost made me fall on my bootie, bump on my head looking like a joke kind of running into the pole!  And of course everyone saw!! Go Me!!

(p.s. I was trying to find a "gif" thing to insert but I am still figuring that stuff out- any tutorials are appreciated!)


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karli @ farmer & the bell said...

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