Friday, July 25, 2014

Apps, Apps & More Apps!

July 25th: Favorite apps - What apps can you not live without? We need to know them.


Target Cartwheel - Love me some extra discounts!

Shutterfly - Its a great way to back up my pictures because I always forget to plug it in to my computer to back it up.  I can order prints straight from my phone too!

FB Pages / Twitter / Blogger - you know all things social media !

InstaCollage - for when I have more than one picture to post and don't want to be an #overgrammer

I am sure I could add more to this list - but I will leave you with these for now!



Melissa Camacho said...

I've never heard of insta collage, but I'll have to look into it now because I needed a way to make collages on my phone! thanks! :D

Casi Moore said...

yes Target Cartwheel is a definite must have !!!