Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Fav's For Friday!

July 18th: Five Favorites - We wanna know about your new favorite song, lipstick, or even new candle from Bath & Body Works. Share the goods, y'all!

Today I am sharing 5 of my favorite things with you...

1) My current favorite song:

Day Drinking

2) Current Fav Chapstick

3)  Fav online shopping for kiddos, house or me...


4) Favorite Hottie Actor -

5) Proudest Moment of the Week  - My hubby putting his fancy Sand Rails on display at our local car show!! The screen shot below was on an Instagram page!



Living Out of Wedlock said...

I LOOOVE Zulily too! It is addicting!

Angie said...

Those rails are husband would totally be jealous! He wants a rail so bad :)