Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Treat Yoself Day...a Link Up

Well hello there and happy hump day to you!  Today I am linking up with Shay from So Shay for the treat yoself link up. Treat yoself day was last Friday and while I didn't do as much treating as she did nor did I make a way awesome video I did do a little treating. My treat was leaving a hour early from work (lately I am lucky to get out on time) and I bought myself a venti Starbucks and a cake pop!  I also treated a good friend to a Starbucks as well!  The picture is not that great of my cup ( I was driving and didn't want to crash).  Any how they weren't huge treats but baby steps it is. They were better than nothing and it was fun to think that others were treating themselves too!  


Stacie Patterson said...

Cake pop? Girl, that is SO treating yourself! haha :)

Shalyn Nelson said...

Awww yay! This makes me so happy! So glad you treated yourself!! :) Thanks so much for linking up with me!! <3