Monday, September 23, 2013

Recap of the Reveal!!

So I have mentioned a time or two that my hubby had the honor of building the raffle car for the ASA. This past weekend was the big show and reveal of the new car.  I am so very proud of my husband.  There are a lot of thanks to be given because no he didn't go it alone.  There were lots of extra helping hands that deserve a huge thank you as well.  From the friends and family that put in extra time to help get this project completed, the sponsors who donated parts and pieces, to all the extra support that was given - THANK YOU!!!  This project was a big accomplishment for all of them to finish this car in eight weeks. That being said I will now show the rest in pictures!!
This was a teaser picture that was posted the day before the unveiling. 

Waiting for the intro!

The hubs and Kid Clammy up on stage. He got choked up and of course made me cry (proud wifey right here - he totally made me cry!!)

The finished project!!
That is one good looking sand car if I do say so myself!!!

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