Thursday, September 5, 2013

Advice (Linking up for Blogtember)

One piece of advice that I could give would be “If you see a bucket of “”you know what”” don’t stir it”.  I know it sounds pretty basic right - but believe me sometimes it is really hard.  A little back story on the saying…I started working for a mom and pop shop about nine years ago.  It was and still is a family run business and the family has known me for literally my whole life.  So the “old man” that started the company that I work for – always had a joke, funny saying, one liner – you name it he had it.  You also knew where you stood with him – he did not mix words what so ever.  So around here in this office he would always tell us such things as “count your pennies and your dollars will count themselves”, “live and learn and die dumb”, “finer than a frog’s hair split ten ways”.  You name it he had.  My favorite though is “if you see a bucket of shit don’t stir it” (there I said it).  Any-who I don’t know how many times I have thought this thought to myself or said it to someone at work or to my hubby when he is asking my advice on a situation.  There are often times when a situation arises that one of two things can happen – you can let it sit or you can stir that bucket just to see what happens.  As we all know stirring that bucket can be really bad.  So I advise you that if you see that bucket of shit – just walk away – don’t stir it. 

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