Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spreading the word

I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time.  I have been reading and follow quite a few for awhile.  Then one day I thought "I am going to do it" (circa April 2012).  So I did.  However I didn't actually hit the "publish" button on that first post until June 2012.  Then baby numero dos decided to start growing inside of me so a hiatus began.  I know what you are thinking a hiatus after only a few short months month.  Yes that's correct.  While I can blame life being busy and being crazy sick during pregnancy that wouldn't be the whole truth.  A good portion of the truth would be - I had no idea what I was going to talk about, what pictures I would use etc.  Oh wait I still don't.  I wasn't and still not sure about posting pictures of the kiddos and giving their real names.  I remember mentioning to my hubby and sister about it and telling them I think it would be a good outlet for me to diary our lives and feelings and a way to let go.  Funny thing is those are still the only two people in my life who know about said blog.  How do you tell your friends and family that you blog?  For someone like me who cares way too much about what other people think (especially those closet to me) I haven't told but two people that I started a blog. Heck I don't even feel that I can consider myself a blogger yet. Hopefully one day I will. But to say the words you should read my blog. Yikes that's a scary thought.  How do I get passed the fear of sharing my blog and how do I know its even worth sharing? 

Well now that I got that off my chest - a nice picture for you to enjoy!

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