Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the train to crazy town...

I have been trying to write a post for a few days now.  I have started numerous...some I never finished, some I thought I will save that for another day, some I did not like, some I can't remember what the point was supposed to be, I can't focus.  My brain just won't quit.  It has already taken me 20 minutes just to write this because I am so distracted.  My thoughts are all over the place probably much like this post!!  I feel like my next stop is crazy town!  I have having some of the most random and sometimes worst thinking thoughts possibly.  For instance when I saw that the 3 higher ups were all talking late after work the other day my mind went straight for..."I must be losing my job".  What the heck is wrong with me? Hopefully I can get focused soon and get off the crazy town train.  

Until next time

Happy Hump Day!!

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