Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to Cali

What a weekend!  The hubs and I snuck away for an adult weekend in none other than Las Vegas. It was my first time leaving Sissy but she survived the weekend and so did I.  I missed the kiddos tremendously but the weekend away was much needed and a great way for hubby and I to be a couple again. We went with 3 other couples which was perfect. At points we did our own thing and other times we met up with one or two and sometimes we were all together. There were cocktails, a little gambling,  some pool time, tons of laughs and great memories to add to the books!!
In all my trips to Vegas I had yet to take a picture by the Vegas sign.  Checked that one off the bucket list!!
My second home in Vegas.   The "bloody smurf" was delicious!!
Attempted photo bomber fail!  Lol !
Mint Chocolate Shake with mint liqueur. YUMMY!!

My beer calling me out!!!
That's all the pictures to share for today.  Maybe more will come later!! For now I say goodbye to Vegas until the next time!!

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